• Hey guys. I just arrived to Philly and I'm staying till wed. Is anybody familiar with the salsa scene in the area?
    Cuba libre second street with Market
    Brasil's my friend. Or Cuba Libre but Brasil's is better. They're both in Old City by 2nd and Market.
    Saturday nights:
    Brasils - $10. Salsa Class. Good dancing. Can get crowded by the end of the night. Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, and a litlle chacha. Once in a while a little pop/hip-hop, but not much. Front & Chestnut.
    Cuba Libre - Free. Right around the corner from Brasils. More reggaeton, hip hop, pop and merengue. Some salsa/bachata in the mix, but not as much. The more serious salsa dancers go to Brasils.
    Tierra Colombiana - This is outside of Center City. If you're staying in Center City you need a car to get here. $10. Pretty equal mix of salsa/bachata/merengue until the end of the night when there's more merengue/reggaeton.

    Sunday nights: Blurr. $7. Bank Street & Chestnut. Good dancers. Salsa & bachata and a little merengue. Not too crowded unless there is a holiday on Monday.

    Monday nights: Vango. 16th & Sansom. Salsa class beforehand. Salsa/Bachata/Merengue. Pretty good dancers here too.

    Tuesday nights: Reef. South & 3rd. $12 for two classes and dancing. (salsa and bachata class, then dancing). Classes start at 8:15. Might be cheaper if you come after the classes (at 10:30). Good dancers. Good classes. Salsa/Bachata/Merengue.

    Weds: Brasils again.

    Hope this helps :)

    Hannah, which one would you prefer?
    When are you planing to go??
    I'm also from Colombia and LOVE dancing salsa! The problem is that I live outside Philly, but I might be able to join you....
    Let me know!
    Hey Sirley!, I went last nite to Blurr. Tomorrow I am going for sure to Reef
    my number is 5182850337, gimme a call or txt me during the day
    I take a salsa dancing class every Tuesday, and one of the students is going to a place called Lyrics Lounge in North Philly - it's far from Center City, but I guess if you want authentic dancers, this is the place to be on a Thursday night!
    Jennifer - Which do I prefer? It really depends what I am looking for. For serious dancers, Blurr, Reef, Brasils. Vango is OK too, but not as good as the others in my opinion (but it IS free!).

    If I'm just looking to have fun I like Tierra Colombiana and Savoy, but they are outside of the city, and I really wouldn't go to those without my boyfriend (it's less about serious dancing, so people don't ask other people to dance as much just for "dancing," in other words you'll probably get hit on by the guys who ask you to dance there lol).

    Cuba Libre if I'm going out with friends who don't dance salsa because they also play a lot of hip hop and reggaeton.

    Coline - let me know if you ever want to take a lesson! Most of these places offer lessons before the "dancing" starts and I also know a good studio!

    Dorothy - A lot of my friends have been to Lyrics and enjoy it! I have never been, though.
    Hey y'all. I've been to Cuba Libre and Tierra Colombiana but I'll go to Brasils on Fri/Sat for serious dancers. If anybody is ever planning to go to Savoy's on Friday let me know because I live 5 mins away down the road and I love their BIG dancefloor. Also try Parx on Thurs, there are a lot of dance school students that go there and it's free. You can always find updates at http://salsadelphia.com/
    I'm heading to Brasil's on wed night...hoping to meet some of you there! :)
    and how's parking over there?

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