• Namaste from the land of cultural diversity. Namaste means "The Divine in me respects the divine in you "
    I am Dr. Rupak Chatterjee, a student of business management and then did my doctorate in Spirituality of India, I run Crazy Wanderers Hostel in Calcutta (The First British Capital of India) a Hostel which helps travelers know real India, its values, cross culture differences, classical music and dance, the emotions, the rhythm, the colours and the smile of INDIA.

    I worked 10 years in corporate Glossy industry (SHIT) and wasted time and life, after meeting Dalai lama in a session in India, life changed and started teaching humanity and Buddhism to several travelers and western people in India. I became a Indian Tourism Guide in year 2002 and started helping tourist with Nepal India Bhutan and Bangladesh. Wanted to change the idea of people in the western world that India is not only abt poor people, or holy cow or 1 billion crazy people, its about how simple life can be, how different diversity a land can have, how interesting cultures can work out.

    My Hostel is Calcutta became famous for slumkids education and a cultural center where travelers comes and learns Yoga Meditation and Ayurveda Therapies.

    First time in life I understood life was not all about partying, big house, 15 inch plasma an I-phone or a Mac computer cannot be the source of happiness. Here I met children who works 17 hours to get one meal a day, for whom a pair of new clothes are luxury and have never seen new shoes..

    Now we wanted to go across Germany and teach University students, artists, painters,musicians,social workers and any interested people free of cost Indian culture, massages, yoga,reiki and meditation session. talk about Peace and homeless kids suffering, trying to change a little India and promote humanity.

    This is my Kolkata...

    Barefoot School and Slumkids Billionaire 2 schools started by me is the story of 100+ sex abused kids in India who have faced prostitution at the age of 8-15 years of age.


    Giving them a good life, fundraising for them by teaching Yoga, Astrology,Meditation and Indian Traditional Massage, I want to give them a better life and a chance to live. We in Crazy Wanderers have done this successfully last 6 years in India, now we want to ask for helping hand in Germany as we get a lot of travelers from this country who have spend weeks and months in our Hostel learning Indian languages, cooking, helping street dogs and cats with medication, celebrating India.


    This is what we do and who we are.


    Please have a look at our links and blogs. May not seem attractive or professional as these are made by our travelers and volunteers to save innocent lives in Bengal and stop kids from being dead out of hunger.

    If anyone helps me to do a workshop on India and its spirituality in your town, I would be grateful. If anyone feels we can create a new image of humanity, then meet me for few hours or offer me a corner of your home, balcony or even terrace so that we can spread the word of mouth, do meditation,talk about Unknown India and the city where Mother Teresa, Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna spend his life.

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    Address: Global Village called World.

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    Add me in Facebook: email crazywanderers1@gmail.com

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