• Greetings all from NYC.

    A friend of mine and myself are coming to visit Nov 29- Dec 4th and wondering if anyone wanted to meet up for drinks and/or if there any meetups happening or that happen regularly.

    There are not really regular meetings. But sometimes small get-togethers are organized just couple of day in advance, sometimes even the same day.
    So just stay tuned.
    thanks, starting to definitely notice that now :). hope to meet some people up there.
    cool Liam, I will have an Icelandic # up there and will message you where we're staying.
    I'm often downtown,

    If you guys want to go for a coffee day time, or a beer in the evening, I'll be free from Friday morning.

    My phone number +354 612 0185


    Hey Eric..... I'd like to meet up for drinks.... on 2nd or 3rd December. Enjoy your trip... hopefully see you there.
    hi all,
    we've arrived, thanks for the responses so far. definitely get in touch if you want to meet up. my number is 354 659 6474.
    We may go to a local thermal bath in downtown Reykjavik tonight if you guys want to join. My number is +44 7534 619 764. Thanks xx
    same here, I am going to the pool in the west, it's 10 min walk from downtown and it's better / nicer than the one downtown close to the church as it's bigger, it's the one Björk goes :)) the pools are all outside so it's amazing and refreshing!

    cool. we are going to get some food soon actually and we'll do some pools tomorrow. i think tonight we're going out to Kaffibarrin and maybe a few other places. Let me know if you'd like to join.
    Hi Liam,
    just responded to your text. We are going to a party first and then afterwards is TBD but we'll definitely be drinking somewhere :)
    hello kids of CS,
    we'll be out later on getting drinks..not sure where just yet, but shoot me a text and we should try to meet up. probably around 11:30-12

    hey, no worries. ya, we'll eat first and then maybe head over. let me know what time. if not then we'll be out for sure for our last night regardless haha
    ok. eating at 6:45 done by 8. let me know where you might be later.
    Hey Liam,

    if you are not busy for tomorrow evening, we could meet for a coffee or dinner. And I might tell you as much as I know about Reykjavik and where to go for clubbing ;)

    hope to hear from you soon.
    My family is gonna be here from thursday till Sunday, I am really busy with work and them. Too bad, I hoped we could meet, as I am planning to go to Dublin in May.
    Maybe we can meet there :-)

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  • It looks like you're posting an email address or phone number. To protect your privacy, don't post any personal contact information here.