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    ********** Arabian Nights is not just stories.. But living it in the PRESENT... **********

    Launch your Imagination, Share your Idea, Make a Wish of what you wanna DO
    It's not about someone, but ALL of us are INCLUSIVE...

    Hand on Hand.. Make a Better Land...
    It's all about &&& AND &&&
    ATTENTION PLEASE !! : Everyone asked What's " Arabian Nights " and where it will be.. imagined but also interested and joined even without more details

    TODAY is the beginning of the online show time and uncover the EVENT !!

    Kindly don't miss any of the upcoming posted videos, Photos, brochures and our program update..

    Join the event, Invite your friends and keep your channel tuned ON
    ******** Arabian Nights... It's not just in stories, but living the present ;)
    Arabian Nights Of Egypt Events schedule 14 Dec. - 29 Dec.

    - Arabian Nights of Sinai; The Land of Peace >> 14 Dec. To 18 Dec.
    - Arabian Nights of Alex; The Bride of Mediterranean >> 18 Dec. To 20 Dec.
    - Arabian Nights of Cairo; The Capital of Egypt >> 20 Dec. To 25 Dec.
    - Arabian Nights of Luxor; The Land of Pharaohs >> 26 Dec. To 27 Dec.
    - Arabian Nights of Aswan; The city of River Nile >> 28 Dec. To 29 Dec.

    ATTENTION :: While Egypt constitution vote set in 15 Dec. and due to the political tension situation and safety. We SUSPEND The " Arabian Nights " as a regional schedule and program... This suspend will be until any further notice... BUT such touristic & social activities will REMAIN along December in a narrower scale.

    For Travelers: This event at a moment will be replaced by tailored and separate events ( narrower scale) upon YOUR schedule and arrival to Egypt ( not necessary to abide to the above schedule) . So kindly message me if you'll be anywhere around Egypt during 14 Dec. - 29 Dec. including the following :

    - Your arrival date / time
    - Your departure date / time
    - How many of you are coming
    - Your own itinerary (if found) or your interest list of places that you wanna visit.

    Upon your messages, your all schedules data will be processed. Then separate events and tours will be developed to gather you all better than each one of you going around individually.

    For Local community : The regional event will be RESCHEDULED and that will be announced as soon as crossing the current situations in both of Egypt and Jordan.

    Finally, On behalf of the regional organizers. We have a vision in Arabian Nights; not just a normal event. We are sorry for such changes. It's out of our hands. we know that a lot were asking and waiting for that regional event from both sides of Egypt and Jordan as well as travelers. but we find it better to make it later when the atmosphere become better than now. We're not looking to just attend but really experience the " Arabian Nights ".

    Ehab Hamed

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