• Would some people be insterested in joining a book-club?
    My idea was: agree on 1/2 books (language etc to be discussed, but why not for foreigners read it in the own language and discuss in english), gather every 2-4 weeks (depending on the personal reading speed/rhythm), and discuss discuss discuss.

    Who would be in? What do you think about the idea?

    Suggestions etc more then welcome!!

    how great so many people are interested!!!

    @Jess: I didn't know about this one, but as we're a few people and they already are a lot, maybe it would be worth starting a second one? And if you join there would be someone who is already familiar with this kind of events (cause I'm not ;))

    what moment would fit the best for you guys?

    for me an evening would be great, but no preferences in the week.
    so I created an event:


    come and join =)

    @Jess: thanks for all the input, we'll see in what direction our BC will go!!
    Today is World day of books! just to bump ;)
    like some other people that posted on the event-page: i'm not free this thursday, but please keep us posted here about the next meeting and which book you decided to start with. i really like the idea of a book club and i wanted to join the other cs-book-club. but i'm never in town for their meetings...
    sure!! No worries, I'll keep you all posted =)
    so folks,
    we had a small but intense meeting and decided the followings:

    -we would meet every second week
    -at a reading rhythm of about 100 pages
    -maybe on a appointed day a week (to be discussed)
    -if the weather's good we can gather in a park or smth outdoorsy, otherwhise we can find a "Stammkneipe"
    -we made a pre-selection of 5 books/authors which should be translated in several languages, and we're gonna install a doodle, so that anyone who wants to join can choose which one(s) he would like to read
    -after chosing a new book we started to read, in the following meeting we decide (through majority voting), if we go on with reading that particular piece.

    To make exchange more handy, I created a facebook group, please join!


    looking forward to meet you soon!!
    this sounds so awesome. im really into that new bookclub thing. and im very proud of my new job in the club maud ;-).
    I indeed think your management area is the most important to keep it all going!! Hope you take it seriously ;)
    Ahh , too late..
    I never been in a bookclub, but always wanted to try
    Let me know on which books you decided on
    Would love to join next time
    so what are the 5 books?
    so the 5 books are:

    -"Berlin Alexanderplatz" Alfred Döblin
    -"Rose's last summer" Margaret Millar (for the category thriller)
    -"The corrections" Jonanthan Franzen
    -"mit Ausnahme Deutschlands" Avi Primor
    -"Ms Dalloway" Virginia Woolf

    But please join the facebook group for further informations.
    As I said, a poll was installed by Catalina, so we have a better overview of which one is leading. (BTW, Mrs Dalloway is leading right now)

    Hope to see you guys soon!!
    so, the winner iiiiis:

    "Mrs Dalloway" (Virginia Woolfe)

    Meetings will start next or the following week, et to be discussed.
    Next book is comming, we're in the process of discussing which book to choose.
    Feel free to step in. Join the facebook group and vote on the poll.
    You're welcome!!!
    new book has been chosen democratically at last evenings meeting,

    and *drumroll* we are reading

    "the diceman" by Luke Rhinehart.


    Next meeting will be in 2 weeks (20th of June), and first quota to be discussed are 100 pages. (the activity will be posted soon)

    We mainly plan/organize etc through the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/178170572304815/

    If you enjoy reading, want to discover new books and like to hang out with a bunch of nice people come and join us. (so, I'm done with promoting ;))

    Since I didn't post a long time in this discussion here it comes:

    our next book (already the 10th!!!) will be a "Berlin-novel".
    We're voting right now, and discussion will begin either next week or the following one.

    Join us and vote if you're interested - here's the facebook-group link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/buchclubB/

    We're looking forward to meeting new bookworms =)
    Next book is "All Souls" by Cees Nooteboom, we're discusiing the 50 first pages on Thursday 8pm at "weltempfänger", feel free to join!
    as usual all the organisatory stuff is dicussed in the facebook group mentioned above.
    See you there!!
    a read out group would be nice ;)
    Ohh, I'd love to join you guys if I manage to read the book fast enough ;) Hopefully see you Thurs!
    hello, when do you meet?
    we are meeting on thursday at 8pm at the bar "weltempfänger", which is located on anklamer straße 27, next to ubahn station bernauer str.
    no need to read the whole book, we discuss only the first 50 pages, but if you can't find the book fast enough or don't manage it, no problem. just drop by and get to know us.
    we'll be glad to meet you =)
    we discuss most of the organisatory stuff on our facebook page, so join if you have a profile there, https://www.facebook.com/groups/buchclubB/
    Great, see you tomorrow !!
    Stunning i like the idea i wish i can do that from next week
    There might be a Problem with the bar... If you cannot find us, give me a Call: 0043 699 17061063. See you later!
    Next book is "Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy" by Douglas Adams.
    Meetings are on thursdays now, feel free to join us =)
    Further infos via the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/buchclubB/
    oh, I think there are enough people in Berlin to fill 2 Bookclus ;) but thanks for the info pablo.

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