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    I am going to China in two weeks for 3 month, and I d like to know if there is a way to go live for a while with some nomad living on the tibetan plateau on the Qinghai side.

    That would be awesome if you could help me !

    Take care,

    I could help you with that, when do you expect to arrive in Xining?
    Hi Sean,

    Thanks for your answer, I didn t have high hopes of getting any..

    I should be in Xining at the beginning of January..

    thanks again,

    No worries, what did you have in mind to do and for how long? Just contact me about a week before you'r planning to arrive and then we'll see what I can do for you. Enjoy your trip!


    My plan was to stay with a nomad tribe living on the high plateau of Qinghai ( not on the tibetan side ), for about 10 days / 2weeks, and be part of their community for a while, help them in whatever they ll be doing.

    How can you help me ? you have done that already ?
    Yes I have, in the winter of 2010. I'm starting a hostel in Xining this winter with a good friend of mine, who is Amdo Tibetan and who took me there that time. We're actually planning to do tours to those places next summer with homestays with the nomadic people and things like that, but we won't have that ready by the time you arrive. You have to keep in mind that going there on your own without anyone who speaks English would probably be too much of a hassle and I don't think my friend can join you because we will be busy with the hostel. But that's why I said let me know about a week before you arrive and than we'll see if there is someone who speaks some English or French and who can take you out there. Don't expect to really become part of there community if you go for a short period of time though. They'd probably be too honoured to have you as a guest to actually let you work and you'd be to much of a spectacle. But it's a very interesting place to visit...
    opening a hostel in Xining,that s a cool project..
    I have a few more questions..first of all, in what kind of place are the amdo people living ? in a village or they are nomads moving ? at what altitude are they living ? and in which part of Qinghai exactly do the tribe you know live?

    Sorry for all those questions, I just want to know a little more about where I am heading to ..

    Living among them must be a fascinating experience indeed.

    I wish you all the best for your hostel preparation,

    Wikipedia can answer some of you'r questions:

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amdo ;)

    As you can see the area is huge so I can't say on which altitude it is because that completely depends of where the person who would go with you takes you/is from. So I don't know that now, though where I was I've been told it was over 4000m and they live in a village during winter and then moved around in summer.
    Thanks Sean for your helpful comment.

    I have contacted another person as well, and she knows some people near the Qinghai Lake, so I will go with them..

    Thanks again,

    and maybe see you in Xining !

    Okay, enjoy! Let me know when you'r around.

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