• hey guys hope you can answer some Q's
    I am just starting to dream about a year in iceland!

    * how much for a flat there in Reykjavik? something small but comfortable not out in the middle of nowhere but doesnt have to be city centre!

    * Do people cycle around? is it easy to?

    * Hot springs near the city?

    * Cost of living, opinions on this???

    Hope its ok to ask!
    thanks so much
    Hi Diarmuid,
    i'm not from Iceland and i cannot answer this questions, but I would be also interested to spend some months in Reykjavik / Iceland. So if you have found some informations, please let me know.

    Many thanks in advance :)
    1) The rental market here is bluntly put, crap (for renters that is). Demand greatly exceeds supply. The tradition in Iceland is to own your flat, whether you are moving out at 18 or 25 and regardless of how insane of a loan you need to take in order to do that (well, or renting flats through your university). This is changing after the infamous financial crisis in 2008, but it is a slow development.

    Apartments that are fairly centrally located go for 130-160k, while simple rooms in a shared apartment could go for 40-60k. In euros that would be 765-940 and 235-350 respectively (1 euro being approx. 170 ISK).

    2) It's probably on the rise, but nothing like, say Copenhagen. There are good lengths of divided paths (e.g. for walking and cycling pedestrians). Motorized traffic is not so used to bicycles on the roads though, although technically you are supposed to cycle there (officially you are "allowed" to use sidewalks "with caution" - most people only cycle on sidewalks though).

    The weather deters most people, having a 10 m/s wind blowing and rain in your face is not uncommon. With the proper clothing and the right attitude it's no problem though (I cycle all year round, with studded tires for winter). You'll find a good selection of new and used bikes here.

    3) Yes, Hveragerði is one example: http://goo.gl/maps/NuWsE
    It is reachable by bus. Then there is a 4-6 km (two different places) walk up the hills to the thermal pools / hot springs.

    Green map: http://nature.is/greenmap/island/174/

    4) Cost of living is of course highly individual.

    Here are two links to give you some ideas: http://www.ask.hi.is/page/cost_of_living http://url.is/6f8 (click any product -> ctrl+A or cmd+A (Mac) -> 2012 and november -> Go)

    Additionally there is this nifty PFM (Personal Finance Management) webapp that allows you to compare your expenditure to others in the same age group and what not.

    Monthly averages for the last three months (males aged 20-34):
    Average total expenditure = 314k
    Rent = 90k (now, this is an average, e.g. everything from single rooms to whole apartments).
    Phone&internet = 10k
    Utilities = 9k
    Insurance = 10k
    Home appliances = 22k
    Car expenses = 46k
    Food = 39k + 13k + 8k (supermarket + take-away + eating out)
    Entertainment (cinema, theatre etc) = 6k
    Gifts&donations = 13k
    Nightlife (incl. alcohol) = 14k
    Looks&health = 23k
    Hobbies = 7k
    Studies (full-time education and misc. seminars) = 12k
    Holidays = 22k

    I can't be bothered to convert all those to Euros, but remember - approx 170 ISK = 1 euro. So 17k is 100 euros.
    Personally I averaged about 200k in monthly expenditures last year.

    But I was lucky in terms of an apartment, got a 2 bedroom apartment right in the centre for 90k a month (small, but enough for me). I don't own a car (a motorcycle though, but rarely use it for commuting, more of a "toy" for destressing :)).

    I'm also careful with my spending and choose to save up for trips rather than misc. frivolous spending here and there. My main point is that you can of course go much lower than 314k a month (many people make less than that before taxes).
    Anton you are awesome!. I found your answer so useful. Thank you! Heading to Iceland April/May:)

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