• Hey guys, looks like I will be coming back to Iceland again for another visit. Going to be hitting up Aldrei fór ég suður in Ísafjörður for Easter weekend again, exact dates are 26 March - 10 April. Outside of Aldrei, I'll be in Rvk and will be looking to do a few day trips here and there. I know there are some of us who have to take another crack at locating a ghost plane. Also plan to get out and hike quite a bit as well and get some diving in too.

    If anyone wants to put our heads together for some trips, do let me know. This will be visit #4 to Iceland for me, so getting to know things quite well.

    Bragi, we must set up some beer nights, yes?
    We will also be heading to Isafjördur for Aldrei! Can't wait!

    I work for a travel agency and I'd be happy to assist if there is anything unusual that you'd like to do or see? Have you hiked Reykjadalur and been into the hot springs there? if not - do it!
    I personally like to visit the non-typical touristy places and that might be somewhat interesting for you since you have been here so often!
    Yeah Aldrei is so much fun! Last year I had my face stuck behind a camera in the photo area for all of it, this year I'm just going to enjoy it and party.

    I have yet to get to Reykjadalur. I was supposed to go there on my last visit, but I quickly got addicted to the diving so missed out on that trip. I'm pretty much at the point where I've seen and done quite a lot of the touristy things, and looking to get off the beaten path with some like-minded people and create our own adventures. I will gladly take up your offer for assistance once I start getting things planned out a bit more.

    Damn plane... made it to my 2012 list on the blog as "Disappointment of the year"
    I noticed! Don't feel bad though, even the Swiss plane crash photographer couldn't find the damn thing. 2013 we'll get it though. Just need to grab a better car this time around. Maybe bring Craig along too if he's been a good boy.
    Getting a little closer to the time I will be over, so figured I would bump this thread up a bit.

    Looking at planning several day trips. I have a drivers license and experience driving in Iceland, so if enough people are interested, I can start looking into car rentals for day trips. Even though I've done the Golden O and trip out to Jokulsarlon a few times already, I don't mind doing them again.

    Also if the weather is good, we can grab a car and head out of the city for the Aurora. I'm an astronomer, so know quite a bit about this kind of stuff. Will also see if I can grab a few of my astronomy buddies over there and head out with a telescope or two to check out some other cool stuff if the Aurora does not interfere too much.

    Other projects include randomly jumping on buses and see where it takes me, do a couple hikes of Mt. Esja and Mt. Keilir (simple hikes, no mountaineering experience needed), get a few days of scuba diving in and maybe doing one or two bigger treks onto the glaciers, caves and bigger mountains. Ideally, I'd like to spend as little time as possible in Reykjavik itself but always up for going out for beers or dinner or something when I'm around town. Also thinking of running a photography workshop or two.
    Hello all,
    I am traveling to Iceland later this year but somehow stumbled upon this thread. That abandoned plane is something I really want to see. I was doing a bunch of searching for it and I think I may have found it. If you use google earth and search the coordinates below, you should see a plane (or what looks like a plane) there.


    Just thought I would through that in, and hopefully that helps :) I'm jealous you are going over there, your trips sounds like a blast. I'm excited to head out that way in July.

    It's a bit of a bugger to find, last time we went kinda blindly and in a car not really equipped for the trek and ended up wandering around the plains for a bit. But saw one heck of a sunset while we're at it.

    This time, got things programmed into my GPS so won't miss out on it this time.


    Hey, I'll be in Iceland from the 23rd till the 30th of March and I was planning on a multiple day trip to Höfn to explore and photograph the beauty of the South! :) But maybe we can meet somewhere for a coffee or other day trips from Reykjavik?!
    Sounds good to me. We could figure something out closer to the date. I want to get my dive trips booked first as I have to be careful about the time between flying and scuba diving.

    Also bit of a crazy idea, but thinking of doing an overnight trip to the Faroe Islands at this point too.
    Ill be in Reykjavik on April 3 & 4. Really want to see the Aurora lights, so if you're headed to a spot with a good chance of viewing them, im in!
    Yup, we'll see how the weather is. So far I'm 3-3 on my visits to Iceland and seeing the aurora. I know last year there was like 10 days of beautiful clear weather in April and they were out pretty much every night. Got to the point where I would just grab a couple beers and go sit down by the sea and watch them.
    Sounds good. Ill message you in a few weeks!
    Heya Jay and people - I'm planning a 4-day trip by the end of March to see aurora and soak in Blue Lagoon. Let's go grab a beer and do some city tours together :)

    Sounds like a plan. Also just throwing this out there too: If some people want to get together and save some cash on food and not eat out all the time, I have a full kitchen available so a few of us could chip in a few bucks and cook our own the odd night or so.
    Time is counting down, I'll probably be doing alot of the trip planning on Tuesday the 26th, sometime in the afternoon after I get a few hours rest once I fly in, so if anyone wants to meet up then, let me know. Otherwise I'll start posting some events as they are sorted.

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