• Hey guys !
    Young French chap, I will be in Iceland March 2-9. I would like to meet people to visit the city and to party, if possible Icelandic way :)

    Also, I plan to visit several places around, especially in the South of the country if it's possible at this time of the year (Landmannalaugar...). Anyone's up? (I have no driving license :x )
    I'm sorry but the roads to Landmannalaugar don't open until the mid of June. Which is a pity because it's a beautiful place.
    But plenty of other places to visit so don't dispair ;)

    If you really want to party like an Icelandic, and then I mean an Icelandic from the countryside, not Reykjavík, then I know of a party 2nd of March in Reykjavík.
    Which are those place? I thought about golden circle but it won't be enought for a week.

    I would love to go in the country, sadly I arrive at 11pm at Keflavik on the 2nd, so I think it will be a bit late :) Thank you anyway, do not hesitate if you have anything else I should know....!!
    Well on the south coast you have Skógafoss, Seljalandsfoss, Seljavallalaug, Dyrhólaey (but don't think it will be open yet), Reynisfjara, Vík, Skaftafell national park (great hiking area).
    These are just examples. I urge you to try doing some glacier hiking, it's expensive but awesome. If interested then I recommend this guy: https://www.facebook.com/SimmiGuide?fref=ts
    Anna - Thank you for this precious information. I would also love to go to visit the ice caverns in Skaftafell.
    Helene and Lara - I arrive on the 2nd of March at 11pm, I would propose to share the car renting fee and go somewhere around (why not Skaftafell if you are interested). I will be staying at Reykjavik backpackers hostel in the city Center while in Reykjavik.
    I would like to do some day trip to the Golden Circle ans some "Aurora hunt" as well, I guess all of this could fit.
    Do not hesitate to contact me to see each other and plan anything as soon as possible !
    Hey, I'm in iceland til the 8th, would love to join you guys in the car rental idea and explore the majestic island!
    Ok, I'm in London now I arrive late tomorrow. My plans would be to stay on Reykjavik on the 3rd (maybe short trip outside to hunt northern light or blue lagoon), day trip to Golden circle on the 4th, and anything longer like return trip to skaftafell until the 8th evening. :) So let's keep in touch and meet !!

    Arrived as well. Will be out of the city tonight between 7.30 and 11.30 to hunt Northern Lights and tomorrow during the day. If you wanna meet to discuss things, why not tomorrow eve???

    Let me know :)
    I'm also interested in for northern light hunting for tonight and south coast. Will be here till 6 morning.
    If you're interested you must book the trip from Iceland excursion. We live at 7.30. I'm staying at Reykjavik backpackers on Laugavegur 28, come and meet me.

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