• Hi all!

    I'm an American starting a year-long trip abroad in Reykjavik on April 3. Looking to connect with locals, drive on the Ring Road for a few days, take in the sights, and have a great time! Anybody looking to host or hang out?
    Hi Chelsea,

    I am not an Icelandic, but I'll be travelling in Iceland around two weeks from April 13th to May 1st, so if you want to hike around, rent a car together, or simply hang out I'd be more than happy to do so! :)

    - Christian
    Hey Chelsea,

    I'm going to be in Iceland from May 2nd to May 17th. I don't have much planned yet, all that is confirmed is that I will be staying in Reykjavik for at least 8 of those days, then renting a SUV to do some camping. It would be nice to hang out with a fellow ex-pat while i'm there! Let me know what you think!

    San Franciscan here, in Iceland around that same time. I have no set plans yet, but would love to hang out with any and all people who are around in April!
    Thank you all for your prompt and enthusiastic replies!

    Christian, let's keep each other in the loop, as hiking and renting a car with a pal sound marvelous! :)

    Angelo, I can't see myself staying in Iceland for more than two weeks, which puts me there through the 16th at the latest. Your plans sound so wonderful though!

    Jamal, I am definitely down to hang out if you're around at the same time as me!
    Hi Chelsea and the others!
    I'll be travelling in Iceland from April 8th to April 16th. I also plan to visit Reykjavik and around, by hiking, hitch-hiking or renting a car. So it could be very nice to plan a trip together or with other people, since it's much funnier than travelling alone!! :)
    So don't hesitate to contact me!
    Iceland will be my last stop on my trip around the world, I'll be there April 3-5. I'd love to do something in Reykjavik! I've been there before so I know the town already. Contact me if you wish :)
    Hey everyone!

    I'll be getting into Reykjavik on April 8th and will be staying until the end of May. I'll be in Reykjavik for at least the first and last weeks of my trip (essentially I'm looking to loop around all of Iceland, with a stop over to the Faroe Islands). I'd love to meet up with some of you guys! I'm looking for people to rent a car with, hitch hike, go hiking/camping, exploring, and maybe find some music! My plans are pretty much wide open, given the amount of time I have there, so I'm down for anything. Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to meet up!
    Gaëlle and Kara, that sounds like perfect timing! I'll be in touch and look forward to possibly working something out for car rental/sightseeing merrymaking :)
    hi all! i'll be around april 19-25. i was in reykjavik for four days before my time in france and mostly did hikes/biking around the area. i really recommend the mt. esja hike ! anyways i'm interested in a driving tour around :D i want to see all the beautiful rainbow colored mountains before i head back to the states.
    cheers! ali

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