• Hi everyone,

    I'll be in Iceland March 12-21, and I'm so excited to be there! I'll be staying in Reykjavik March 12-15 (no hosts have replied me yet, so I still don't have a play to stay, and please let me know if you have room for a solo female traveller!) and I'm thinking of doing an Icelandic South Coast roadtrip over 6 days starting from the 15th roughly following this itinerary: http://www.adventures.is/SummerTours/SummerSelfDriveTours/SouthlandsandHighlands/

    I'll be looking to go to most of the big natural sights, and eventually hit Vatnajokull National Park around day 4, spending a couple of days there and then driving back to Reykjavik.

    If anyone will be in Iceland for that time period and wants to come along, let me know and we can chip in for the car (I'm renting one from SADcars) together! I'm also thinking about car-camping, so only stopping at guesthouses or hostels where it's necessary for a refresh. BUT, I am also planning on hunting down the northern lights and going to the ice caves at Skaftafell, so it's gonna be a pretty awesome trip even if we'll be roughing it out a bit!

    Hope some of you will want to join me on this amazing adventure ;)


    I will be in Reykjavik March 14 - 21 so let me know about your plans.
    I never been in this kind of cold place so I just want to discover.

    Sounds great Anourom! I've just sent you a message. I'm planning on doing some pretty darn crazy things while in Iceland - glacier caving, lava caving, snorkelling, horseriding and stuff like that (especially glacier caving!). Let me know!

    Still looking for more people to come along :)
    Cheryl,, you sound like you have really researched and made a great Itinerary. Im a 27 yr old female and my fiance is a 25 yr old male- we are going to be in iceland march 12-march 19th and would love to share ideas. we reserved a car and 1 night at blue lagoon wednesday, but that is it!
    Look forward to chatting
    Heya! I've rented a car for 17-20th March, so if you like we could do the 17th and 18th together? I'm going to be visiting Solheimajokull on the 17th and taking a glacier hike at 12nn (driving out of Reykjavik at 9AM) and then I'm driving to Vatnajokull on the 18th. I'm going to be staying in the Vatnajokull region until the 20th though, but if you like you can come with me for the 17th and 18th and then find your way back to Reykjavik for the 18th/19th? Let me know!
    Hi are u still looking for anyone to join you if you are renting a car n doing a roadtrip n have room? I m arriving reykjavik on 15th march n don't mind joining as I'm traveling alone. I live in NZ! Let me know. Thanks.. :)

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