• People of Iceland.. I am thinking of having a bit of a road trip around Iceland next January for 2/3 weeks. Is it absolutely necessary to rent a 4x4 in this winter time? Or do you think I could get away with just renting a little hatchback?

    Thought and tips please! Thanks in advance :)
    Hey Gudmunda + Stefan! thanks so much for your reply. I never know how much to trust travel books on subjects like this, I guess they have to make sure they don't encourage anyone into getting trapped in the snow etc etc, but they say that a lot of the smaller roads are closed in winter. You see, I would love to drive through the mountain roads (F-roads?) and especially travel around Westfjords/Vestfirdir + the North of Iceland. Do you think this is ONLY possible in the summer season? I think we want to go in Early March now. I’ve been recommended this site http://www.vegagerdin.is/ for road information.. Do you find this the most reliable site for road updates?
    Sorry for so many questions. But how do you find the 3g connection/mobile internet services outside of Reykjavik? You see, when we are on the road, I’m wondering how to stay up to date with travel information. Thanks so much for getting back to me, if anyone else has any thoughts please let me know anything at all.. I really am clueless about it all right now, so appreciate all the help.
    Hey Eddie. Vegagerdin is the most reliable. Vestfirðir, roads there can be dangerous especially in snow so always check the weather and vegagerdin before heading out. I would avoid the mountain roads except you have a massive truck and experience. Also always put safety first and drive with care since way too many tourists end up off the roads, mostly because of recklessness and are not use to these conditions. 4x4 is always the better choice since its safer and you never know what weather you are going to get. But it is an amazing place and certainly an unforgettable experience so have a wonderful trip!
    Also, if you plan to go to the highlands, be sure to check out http://safetravel.is/
    But if you plan to go to the highlands in January, you wont get far unless you have a super modified jeep, and in a group. :)
    Wow! thanks so much folks! great tips.. and I think I can safely say I will just have to be patient and wait for the summer to explore the highlands/Vestfirðir. I will start saving more so I can afford a 4x4 and try and get some practice in before I head off. Thanks again and happy adventures whatever they are!
    Exploring the highlands in the summer time is probably more fun and less likely to have your plan messed up, the weather conditions in the winter can be quite quick to change from frost and snow to heavy rains...

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