• Guys,

    I thought it would be nice to share with all of you some gigs and parties happening this week. They could be a good cultural tour for someone visiting Rio.

    *Thursday 07/03 - There's gonna a be a concert from Café Tacvba (Folk Rock + Rock Latino) at Circo Voador (Lapa), it's a Mexican band. Opening the night a really good brazilian band called Móveis Coloniais de Acaju (mix of art rock + ska + brazilian music). Circo Voador is probably the best place for concerts in Rio these days, so it's a must see if you like music.


    *Friday 08/03 - Party time at Tavares Bastos FAVELA (close to Catete/Gloria). It happens in a place called "The Maze". The party is called "Labirinto", it features two live bands, mainly rock and roll with brazilian influences.



    *Saturday 09/03 - Maracangalha party at Democráticos Club at Lapa. This party is like a tour around brazilian music, from Samba, to Tropicalia, Maracatu, Psicodelia, Funk, Soul, Frevo and Forró. It's all in one. Democraticos club is one of the most traditional places in Rio for dancing, and I would say another a must see in Lapa.


    So, you have a little bit of Latinidade, Favela and a tour through Brazilian Music in three days. I'll probably be going to all of them, so drop me a line if you wanna join...

    Youre welcome Per. Let me know if you drop by any of these...
    Hey Milan, I think 23:00Hs would be good in both cases.

    Friday, the entrance to Tavares Bastos is in Pedro Americo Street, the one from the police department. If you look in the other way, next to a municipal school there's a street called Barão de Guaratiba. It's actually a slope that hides one of the regions secrets wich is Bar do Zé. There is no way u miss it, tons of people drinking in the streets on fridays. Just have to follow Barão de Guaratiba some 50-100 meters up the hill.

    On Saturday is Lapa, wich is really crowded. We could meet up at Manoel e Joaquim, wich wont be that busy I guess, and it's close to Democraticos Club.

    How about that? Take note of my mobile: 9243-2992.
    Great tips! Maybe I´ll join too!
    Per, dont think you saw my latest reply, but it can be by 22 at the metro station as well on friday. But we should anyways drop by Bar do Zé before going to the party.

    Patricia, alguns amigos meus devem ir também e pelo jeito já temos dois aqui. Vai ser divertido, bora com a gente!
    Sim Patrick! Pretendo ir sim! Peguei seu tel aqui no post! ;)
    Legal! Nos vemos então!
    adorei! I will join you too!
    We're five already on friday! ;)

    Guys, I'll be at Catete Metro Station (across the street from Catete Palace) by 22:00 to 22:15. Then I'll head up for Bar do Zé, wich I gave directions in another post in here. It is on Barão de Guaratiba Street a few blocks away. Around midnight I'll go up inside the favela for the Labirinto Party. The entrance is in Pedro Americo Street.

    Mobile: 9243-2992

    See u later!
    I am leaving home and not checking out cs today anymore, so if you have any questions call me on my mobile...
    And Maracangalha is today!
    Yup, but I am still trying to figure out weather I should go to Maracangalha, Rock-me or Moderninha...

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