• Hey Everyone!
    I will be going to Ilha Grande for the next weekend. There is someone around interesting in join me? :-)
    What about Angra/Buzios on the 16th?
    hi all,
    is anyone going to ilha grande next weekend (19/20)? i am planning to go but would love company! let me know if you're interested!!
    great! i didnt plan anything yet either - maybe we could get together beforehand to plan a bit? cheers!
    Hey evryone!
    Thanks for the interetsing...
    I am now in Belo Horizonte for 2 days and here is rainning a lot now.
    I check the weather in Ilha Grande and is not good for this weekend so maybe we can try the next weekend like Alexander suggested..:-)
    Lets do this ok??
    I am wondering to spend time in this Ilha!!
    Ai gente estou querendo passar uns dias lá tambêm vamos marcar. aguardo contato.
    hey everyone,
    great if we're a bigger group! does anyone have an idea where to stay there and whether we need to book in advance? and when it would be good to leave so we can catch all the necessary connections? haven't done the research yet, but maybe one of you has...? let's do this!
    Eu desejo ir também. O passeio é muito bonito. Eu fui uma vez, tem muitosss anos e só lembro que era um paraíso...tem muitas trilhas, praias,...Tem um antigo presídio desativado,... A única coisa que me deixou triste foi a quantidade de cachorros abandonados que têm na ilha...Deu muita pena...vontade de levar todos para minha casa...
    that all sounds great! magela, i'd love to share a room if you're still looking for someone! luis, are you going to make some reservations, is that necessary? if so could you include me? im ecxited for this trip!!
    Hi guys I'm going to Ilha Grande around that time too so count me 100% in if there is any room left with yous?
    Opa! I might be in!
    Anyone interested in going already on Friday? (18th)
    There's a special bus to Mangaratiba that leaves at 5am from Novo Rio. It stops in front of the boat station, and there's a boat leaving to Ilha Grande around 8am. In this season there's a lot of other boats leaving too, to meet the demand.

    Taking this boat you'll go to Abraão, which I think it's the best option for a first time, anyway. From Abraão you can take boats to explore the entire island. It's a little bit crowded, but it's worth it, I think.

    One thing I would say to you guys NOT to do is to go to the lagoons (Blue Lagoon and Green Lagoon). Both are beautiful, but it's always incredible crowded, and the intencion of this trip is to be in touch with nature in peace.

    And, if you guys can, PLEASE go to Gruta do Acaiá. It's PURE MAGIC, and only a few people have been there. I promisse you (if you're not claustrophobic) that it's truly amazing ;)
    thanks for all the information!!

    i actually would prefer to leave friday earlier and go to ilha grande directly, and then leave on sunday afternoon - alexander, thats your plan, right? could i join? it fits my schedule better... johnmeylan maybe you wanna join too, and others if you have time earlier?

    as was proposed i think its a great idea to all meet in abrao and to book rooms in the same hostel so we can do stuff together! and everyone could meet saturday morning in the hotel when all groups have arrived! when will you guys arrive luis? we can make a date :)

    so how about we all book at the overnativa hostel, it looks great and they still have various room types available... let me know what you think! we could ask them to put everyone who says they are with the couchsurfing group in the same dorms?

    alexander, when exactly did you want to leave on friday morning? if its ok if i join i could meet you at the bus station maybe? if we take the ferry at 3:30 from angra we should maybe try be there an hour or so ahead of time so that we dont get into trouble if theres a delay, so we could leave around 11 or 11:30! leaving from rio novo station, right?

    magela, we can still share a room if you like from saturday to sunday? but you will come with the group that leaves rio friday evening, right? theres also dorms and i was actually thinking of booking one of those, but if you like we can share a room as well!

    this is going to be great :)
    Todo mundo poderia ficar no mesmo albergue: Overnativa que ele sugeriu. O que voces acham da ideia?

    Eu quero me juntar ao grupo que vai na sexta-feira. Qual é o horario que voces comprarao a passagem? Para Mangaratiba ou Angra?

    great! i will book now! when should we meet on saturday morning?
    I am going tomorrow - Wednesday with a few more ppl. Let me know if you want to join us earlier. Btw I just read some terrible reviews about the Overnativa - no electricity, no water, bed bugs and terrible treatment from the staff... Just fyi
    Those reviews were recent - from about a week ago. I was recommended Aquario Hostel by a Brazilian who stayed there before. Its 65reals per night. I didnt see it in any of the hostel booking sites but here is its fb page https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000194651821&fref=ts . I sent an email to book. Good luck with finding accommodation!
    Guys! Sorry for my silence. I'm still IN! I'm coming on Friday too.
    Alex, I just booked at the Casa Verde too.
    Alex, Agnes, and whoever is coming on Friday: I have a CAR. What about car pooling? I guess, even with the parking, it's still cheaper than the bus...
    cool, a car is great :) id love to pool. i havent booked anything yet, can only do it tonight, so i will try to stay either at overnative or casa verde... let me know when & where you want to meet on friday to leave with the car! see you soon!!
    I am going also guys!! I am traveling alone and would love to catch up with some other csers, when iam there will drop you all a line!!
    Hi John would there be enough room in the car for me as well? Id be more than happy to chip in for fuel etc etc. Would be much appreciated!
    Hey there!
    I might just jump in this also, I just don't know if I would be able to go on friday already. Also, If I go I'll probably camp as it's way cheaper and there would be room for one more in the tent for anybody who's broke and up for it out there.
    Let's keep in touch!
    Also, it has been raining a lot lately and many landslides have ocurred in the region, we should keep an eye on that
    I d like to go! but I'm also trying to find a place in rio de Janeiro!! Im new in the site!!
    Yes guys! You're in! (Alexander Gwilliam, Agnes Peterseil, Gavin Lilley, MAGELADEURUGUAY) But we'll have to squeez cuz my car is quite small! ;)
    Let's meet Friday at 10am at Botafogo?
    -> In front of the "Cinema Estaçao Botafogo" (that very close to the Botafogo metro station).
    My number (OI) is (21) 8884-6339
    See ya ;) and all the others who will get there too!
    hey, great! i'll be there! my number is 8249-8661!
    see you tomorrow then!!
    Thats great thanks again. Im just in my hostel now and will get a taxi in the morning to the cinema at botafogo metro station. i will have my red backpack with me. My english number is 0044 7517240073. I will deffo be there and I'm really looking forward to it. See you all tomorrow!
    It seems rain is not going to go away...
    Hey all ;)

    I see I missed good trip ;) I'd like to go there around 14-16 of February, if anybody would like to join please let me know.

    Also, can I ask you for the favor to let me know how it was? Could you recommend some good place to stay and give some logistics tips? :)

    Many thanks in advance!
    It was great :) We stayed at Casa Verde which was very nice - basic, not expensive, good breakfast, very funny landlady, nice other guests, a little off the main "streets" but not far to walk. We hiked to Praia Mendes which was great and absolutely to recommend. Generally I would recommend hiking as much as you can and not taking too many organized boat trips - we took one that was ok (to the waterfall) but hiking to places yourself (maybe take a boat back ;) is much better I think... As for the question of cash, do bring enough, but it's not true that you can't pay with your card anywhere, in fact you could at quite a few places.
    Have fun! Agnes
    Great, thanks for tips! We're leaving in 3 days to Brazil and go there as well ;)
    If any late comers still want to join we can organize something!

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