• I need some donations to make a couchsurfing documentary, check out my kickstarter project!


    thank you all donations are appreciated, even a $1. :)
    Thank you Travis. Any donations would be appreciated and I will send a copy of the documentary to whoever donates :)
    I am Mexican Jamie. My parents were farm workers. I am a human rights activist. My EZLN mask comes off clownish? Why are you telling me these things? Aren't artists supposed to be supportive of each other.

    Also, I am in contact with the person that made the couchsurfing documentary. And I have watched it.

    Third, thank you, yes, thank you for the advice on rewriting my pitch, you just came off very strong.
    I am the director of www.onecouchatatime.com... I think there are some language barriers and confusion... Francisco, did you mean to put $150? I guarantee shooting a documentary for $150 is impossible... in fact, $15,000 is probably impossible to do it right as well... I would never want to squash anyone's dreams, but I want to give you realistic advice so you know what you are prepared for. a) Shooting a documentary is not a vacation... at all. Especially when you are going into people's homes, you can't bring a camera crew. But you will need to have a 2nd person travel with you -- ideally a person who is a talented camerahand or you will not get compelling footage. The upside is that these days you can by a HD camera for $1500. The Canon 60D with a shotgun mic, lav mics -- because SOUND IS the MOST important aspect of documentary film.

    If you dont travel too extensively, you can get cheap travel, that will also help you spread your money longer. Food adds up for 2 people, especially depending on where you are... Also, make sure you have a clear storyline. A beginning, middle, and and end... You have to be so organized, spend hours every week or sometime day reaching out the CS community -- which is now more challenging with their groups pages -- so that means you have to reach out INDIVIDUALLY which takes so much time - especially because I always make sure to read their profile, send a thoughtful message, that inspires them to want to help... Kickstarter is also very helpful, because it can inspire people to join your team. I met 3 of my main team members, Zohra from Pakistan, Chelsea from Oregon, and Dave from Arizona because they say my kickstarter... You dont want to spam, but posting on the groups is the most effective way to see if people are interested in your idea... I also sent you my guide on how t Crowdfund properly, and while you are raising momentum for your project, maybe set your goal based on what you can get from your immediate circle (as kickstarter will not let you kee p the money if you do not make your goal). Then when you have something to show -- a teaser or trailer - that your team shot, then you can ask for Post production funds, that can pay for the professional editing....

    LIke I said, I dont want to be negative because as an artist I want to support others dreams... but making a documentary RIGHT is full of challenges. I know from personal experience, as someone who went to filmschool, has lots of experience in award winning documentaries, has equipment, the skills, is a veteran couchsurfer -- so I had a lot of the tools needed to pull this off and the tools to convince the public that I could do it... WIth Kickstarter, people want to know you can pull it off and that you know all the challenges ahead and that you are prepared. People dont want to feel like they are funding someone' s vacation -- which I know this is not -- so instead step 1 is shooting a video with YOU speaking to the camera, explaining your passion, all the challenges, and HOW you are going to pull this off with the help of your community...

    ...also reach out to bigger organizations that might be able to sponsor you in exchange for a mention and thanks in your film! Good luck!!
    Thank you Alexandra, it is great to get constructive feedback :)

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