• hello CSers, I just back to shenzhen, I like to go to Art Exhibition, always can give me some new ideas and make me ponder
    so everytime when I back to shenzhen, I will go to Art Museum and Gallery.
    there is some info I found online

    1. China Design Exhibition 2012
    Guan Shanyue Art Museum
    6026 Hongli Lu, Futian District (83063156)

    From Dec 26 2012 until Feb 26 2013

    This significant official design exhibition is divided into four segments. Product design segment focuses on the integration of Chinese design and manufacturing, aiming at exploring an effective path to upgrade Chinese creativity. Space design segment uses models and videos to demonstrate more than 50 different kinds of space categories.Graphic design segment features the subjects of image, magazine and character designs, while crossover design discusses how design work influences society.

    2. It Takes Four Sorts: A Cross-Strait Four-Regions Artistic Exchange Project 2012
    He Xiangning Art Museum
    9013 Shennan Da Dao, Shenzhen (26604540)

    From Dec 26 2012 until Feb 24 2013

    This exhibition marks the third year for the “Cross-Strait Four Region Artistic Exchange Project” which began in 2008. Five curators of contemporary art from Taipei, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau have each selected three to four active young artists from each region. Working from their own geographic and experiential specialties, the five curators made their selection and compromises with the concept of exchange, creating a four-unit exhibition representing the four Chinese-speaking places.

    3. Spanish Contemporary Art Exhibition – Let's Art Spain
    Bridge Gallery
    Shop 115, Building A4, OCT Loft Phase II, Overseas Chinese Town, Nanshan District ()

    From Dec 26 2012 until Jan 22 2013

    Bridge Gallery and Spaniart jointly present the works of five famous Spanish contemporary artists. José Palacios adopts a Cubist language and vivid colors in depicting everyday life. Enrique Brinkmann’s abstract expression is peaceful and sober. Cristina Duclos shows her love for nature through bright, soft images of various flowers. Morocco-based Consuelo Hernández belongs to the school of realism and her style is known for her adept painting skill. Finland-born Totte Manne is deeply rooted to Nordic life and often focuses on peculiar landscapes covered in ice.

    4. Reflection – Han Jiaying Design Exhibition
    The OCT Art & Design Gallery
    9009 Shennan Da Dao, Overseas Chinese Town, Nanshan District (33993388)

    From Dec 26 2012 until Jan 28 2013

    Tianjin-born Han Jiaying is one of the most extraordinary designers to emerge from in Shenzhen. His unique expression combines the influence of classical Chinese culture and an international, contemporary vision. The visual elements of East and West are well balanced to form poetic symbolic meanings. A large number of Han’s acclaimed design pieces created between 1992 and 2012 are currently on show, including poster design, book design, VI and branding design, installation art as well as crossover activities with film, literature, art and fashion.

    5. “Wing Walkers” Contemporary Art Exhibition
    Artzooming Gallery
    Coastal Rose Garden II, Shekou

    From Dec 26 2012 until Mar 13 2013

    The opening exhibition of Artzooming Gallery features a group of rising Chinese artist of the post 80s generation, who grew up in a time when old traditions gave way to western influences. Curator Helen Joe hails them as the “Wing Walkers” who are courageous and determined. An interesting contrast of East and West, old and new, rural and city, tradition and modern, fashion and old fashion together with mixed feelings of eagerness and anxiety, self-sufficiency and insecurity are frequently found in their art.www.artzooming.com

    6. First Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennale
    Wenchang Nan Jie, OCT Loft Phase II, Overseas Chinese Town, Nanshan District.

    From Dec 22 2012 until Mar 22 2013

    The media of animation has been increasingly adopted by artists as a new art form to express profound individual concepts. Taking animation into the consideration of contemporary art development, the OCT Loft launched the first Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennale, featuring the work of about 50 artists from China and abroad. It will surely offer the Shenzhen public a feast of animated visions and inspire the growth of Chinese indie animation.

    I would like to go tomorrow, Jan 17th afternoon around 2pm
    or next whole week, whatever which day,so far I am free
    Would you like to join with me?
    enjoy the sunshine day and relax
    pls let me know
    my phone 13652378548

    all best: )
    hey Steven, I went to oct-loft watch animation today, pretty cool. time is too short, I cant finish whole, I also will go next week.
    just text me, when you free, we can go together

    i can help you
    tp: 18603006036
    Hey Steven, I prefer wednesday, coz I will meet my friend tomorrow
    We can meet at hexiangning art museum first, that place more easy to find.did you been to there before?
    oh, hexiangning & OCT, my favorite place in Shenzhen so far.
    Coastal rosé garden really have a gallery? Always see some ad on the way but never found out the place, should find n check, thanks for the website,

    Steven, u can also go hexiangning by metro, change green line at window of the world, get of at next station OCT, exit C, go direct, not more than 300m Ull see the place
    hey justine,
    you should join in us, this afternoon we will go there.
    feel free to contact me, i already post my number above
    i have to work... this periods exhibition in hexiangniang i already been in last Nov, but in a pretty rush...everytime go there is on weekends late afternoon

    hows the show though, i like those creepy hands hahaha
    Im in! if im not work that time...
    I like most the projects from hongkong
    thats pretty cool, made me think a lot

    when you free?you should tell us first, and we can make sure go together: )

    I have fun too, nice to meet you
    i l ike hua art museum too, hope that show is good
    yeah, lets find a day, we will see

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