• Hi all,
    I' m thinking that could be interesting to create a meeting/event in sz where csurfers can gather and speak about travels and share their experience.
    Everybody love travelling, each one in a different way.
    So, I was thinking in collecting ideas and create a sort of event somewhere where we can talk about trips, experience, pictures, suggestion and different other topics relating with travelling.
    We can choose a topic or a country and then found one or more people for each talk that can show us (in different communicating ways) their experience.
    I could be nice looking a map, few pics, a beer, questions and answers and gather for the same interest.
    In my opinion, we can learn from each other, sharing tips, suggestions about place to visit and so on, and it s going to be funny too.
    Anyone interested on that?
    Hi dude,
    thanks, it s a normal idea, just focusing on a common interest that I'd like to improve among this community.
    I don't have a place yet, but we could think about doing that in same apartment or if we are a lot of people interested at...we'll probably gather in a bar or ...we should think about it. In according with the people we could make an agenda with all the events and topics too.
    all experience are useful, no matter what, we can learn from others.
    i could share something about cycling trips, hitching, hiking and trekking and so on, few of my personal experience for sure; and
    I m pretty sure there are tons of people with amazing stories to tell, pictures or videos to share, advice, contacts...
    a laptop, a projector, a couple of drinks and food and we can spend time on that.
    any idea is more the welcome
    Ciao Giuseppe!

    Very cool idea, I'm very interested in this event as well as in meeting people around! I can share something about hitchhiking, trekking as well.. If you can set up an event page and confirm a time and place.. it will be more efficient to attract people, doesn't it?


    Good idea
    your beer against my travel stories;-))
    It should be a nice event. Didn't travel last year, so I'll sit and listen to ur fun stories!
    Hi Giuseppe,

    That`s a good idea! Sounds so exciting~
    I am glad to share my travel experience and listen to others funny stories. I can share some suggestions,tips.
    I can also invite some friends who are glad to share.
    And I think some outdoor places are also good for this gathering. point is when? :-)
    That's sounds fun. I am in with that:-) Please, let me know when and where.
    i take interest about your point. If any party about this, contact me please skype: amn123465
    That's a good idea.I am interested.If someone can provide a projector will be great.
    This sounds like a great idea, would definitely love to hear some stories and be inspired to travel more!
    I'd like to join you ^_^
    in. when and where this activity starts?

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