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    Summer confest's from 28th dec - 3rd jan.

    What is it:
    WELL, that could (and has been) a workshop in itself. but i'll give you the basics and my personal opinion, and ppl can add if they like.

    It's a festival which is essentially like the 'daytime' part of other festivals. Workshops, stalls, massage, swimming etc. the whole festival has a very alternative feel to it - it's "clothing optional", and you often see people walking around in fairy wings, men in dresses, women with painted breasts, anything and everything that people feel comfortable with.

    Workshops can also be anything and everything: often you'll find yoga, crystals, meditations, comedy, tantra, survivalism, and anything else people want to do. some of the strangest ones i've visited were: laughter yoga, taxidermy for beginners (with real owl example) and even a hair workshop for curly-haired people. You can make your own workshops if you like, too!

    at $80 for a ticket, it's one of the cheapest newyears options out there. the ticket price is so cheap, because everyone who goes, is also a volunteer! just sign up for 2 hours work, wherever you want to,at the volunteer board once you're on site :)

    have a mozie-proof tent, and insect spray (if u dont like that sutff, i recommend garlic tablets. but that's just me and apparently doesn't work for everyone.), sunscreen, hat, WATER (a re-fillable container for your campsite's a good idea, and a bottle to carry around) comfy shoes (lots of ppl start out barefoot, which is fine, until they start getting little cuts which then get infected... i do my volunteer at the first aid tent. i see it all the time.) food, garbage bags to take home rubbish, some alcohol if you like (although abuse of alcohol is not tolerated, and some camping areas and workshop areas don't tolerate drugs or alcohol of any kind) cooking things and cutlery, fancy dress costumes, glow-toys (fire toys not permitted this confest) personal first aid kit (the festival one is not inexhaustible. it often runs out of bandaids, dettol, gastrolite and panadol, so bring ur own)

    The past few years there has been a really great couchsurfing presence, and we often camp together, which adds to a nice community feel :) (it's nice to have a posse to share meals, cooking stuffs, and be able to come back to camp and have people to hang with. bigger's better!) and we can also help eachother get there :)

    confest is out near Moulamein, 380k's from melbourne, so rideshare's a good idea :)

    alright.... plan away!!!
    ride offers? ppl needing a ride? who's going? any questions?
    awesome! okay yeah me too :) x2 'looking for rides' right here, people ;)
    yo! my friend and I are going! we might have a car! let me speak to her first!
    does anyone has a big tent for us to tent surf:)??
    Hi Fellow CS I have never been to confest but have heard from friends who attended the easter gathering what a great experience it is. I am excited that the NY confest is close to one of my old home towns and an very interested in attending especialy if I can get some people to join me for the trip and chip in for fuel I would be interested to met up with people wanting a lift and see what we can work out I can probarly fit 2-3 passengers with a small amount of gear I can also possibly get hold of large tent and all camping gear required. cheers Maggie
    help i need a ride to confets!! or if you see me on the side of the road hitch hicking please pick me up
    lauren? did i meet up with you at veg out to sell you a maitreya ticket once year?

    there's a volunteer board at the info tent, u just go up to it and write your name down in a 2 hr slot :) everyone's expected to do some volunteering, although it does happen that not everyone always does.

    okay! so i mostly just wanted this up early because ppl might be planning their summers now and might not know about this, but when we get closer to it and ppl start knowing their transport options and having solidified plans, (maybe a couple more weeks?) i (or anyone) can make an event of this, for the sake of ppl being able to join and say how many seats u have, then interested ppls can contact those with lifts available and the ppl with lifts can adjust their seats available accordingly. :)
    bump ;) will be posting an event / activity for this in few days to organise lifts. have a read, have a think, chat with some friends and start to decide if ur comming or not and if u might have spare seats or not :)
    *cries* this new group structure so doesn't work for melbourne! we have too many posts to waste so much space! :(

    ooh well, rant over, but i didn't know how to find this post any more so i'm bumping it :) activity / event coming soon, providing they haven't changed how to do that, too!
    Alrightie! so i've created an event for this on facebook (like so many others, i'm not even wanting to look at these place pages right now, and i'm not even going to attempt to build an event on this platform) here: http://www.facebook.com/events/495717193805825/?context=create

    and it's also linked to on BeWelcome, because honestly it would be silly if they had a camp and we had a camp when ultimately we have the same values and experiences.

    please join the event, and post if you HAVE a ride to offer, then if you're LOOKING for a lift, you can message those offering until they post that their lifts are taken :)
    Hey Couch Surfers, I have been thinking of going up this year, but my usual confest buddies are either over in Tibet or Adelaide. I do have a car, but could do with a bit of company both for the trip up and whilst camping. Let me know if your interested. If going I would leave on the 29th and head back on the 1st of January.
    I'm going (and very excited about it!)
    I'd love a CS meet-up. It's always wonderful to meet other travellers and locals interested in travel! :)
    oh, uum, this?http://www.facebook.com/events/495717193805825/

    the main confest site's a good idea too, but i find that u often end up camping with the ppl u arrive with and it's certainly easier that way. if u do end up elsewehre i'm sure we'll have a meeting there as we usually do, but yeah, i wana create a travellers camping space :)
    i mean main confest rideshare facebook page. if u cant find a lfit here then by all means head over there and ask around :)
    uum if anyone was still ahving problems with the link it should work NOW... just made the event public lol http://www.facebook.com/events/495717193805825/
    I am planning to go on the same time . Any ideas how meet up there ? It looks pretty big place with lot of people
    easy to meet - just put up a msg on the board. as to camping - i'm sure someoen will put up a 'cs' sign at our capsite (if that ends up happening) so just drive around and look for it / lok for ppl u recognise :) ps. does that last link i posted WORK for anyone???
    hey my friend and I are going to Confest on the early morning of 29th and be back on the afternoon of 31st! we still have 2 places available in our car! PM me if you need a lift....and we will share the fuel cost!
    *slightly sleep-deprived and cs-format-stressed cassie talking here to please excuse any unintended tone*

    okay. so, i've had one person msg me saying the link i posted to a facebook event doesnt work and a lack of response on here when i asked you guys. SO... does this link to the facebook event actually work?http://www.facebook.com/events/495717193805825/

    we're going to end up with 4 conversations going - one here, one in the sub group, one on BW and one on facebook. i LIKE those people on BW. they're my old couchsurfing friends. yours too, i'm sure. someone else can organise what they like but i'm going to use a medium where members from both websites can access a simple conversation offering lifts and camping together at confest. this couchsurfing website is giving me a headache these days, personally, and i DEFINITELY don't want to be translating between personal messages, this thread, facebook, and another one in a subgroup. We really need to have only one place to have this conversation, and my vote's for facebook for the above reasons.

    if the link above doesn't work, then just search in facebook for events, it's called 'travellers and hosts at confest'.

    there's already a lift offered on there.

    look forward to carrying on this conversation over there, i'm sick of scrolling down and bumping this every few days so i can find it again! granted things would have been easier if it was the old format, but even so i think i would have preferred an off-site conversation to bring together the CSers and BWers.
    I've been to confest about 3 times, its really amazing and I recommend going for anyone.
    Some friends of mine have organised to catch the train from Melbourne to Swan Hill, then a maxi-taxi from swan Hill to confest on thursday the 27th. The taxi costs 25 bucks.
    We have about 5 extra spots if anyone is interested reply here or send me a text on 0433 073 375.
    Can i suggest that the group post in the Info Tent where they will camp. I am arriving on the 31st at about 2pm...

    Would love a tent spot!


    okay folks, if you're wanting to camp all together, we're 4 couchsurfers who will be setting up camp on the 27th around midday... all we have as a 'marker' is a half-body mennequin :) so keep your eyes out for that! we'lll try to nab a big enough space, and will post it's location at the info tent on the day.
    Holla! I'm heading up also on the 29th.
    Heading up tomorrow with a group of 5, hoping we can find the CS camp area to be a part of our great community in yet another setting.

    Hey of u know anyone else looking for a lift someone just canceled, so we've got a seat. Will be cheaper for us if we can fill it :)
    We're leaving soon though, like 9amish!
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm looking for a ride to Confest on the 29th? Anyone driving up that day who would like some smiles, stories and cash for the petrol fund?

    I'm on 0457 063 261.

    thanks a billion :),
    Anyone heading back to Melbourne on Sunday 30th?
    Hi guys !

    I am also looking for a spot in a car to go there.

    My phone number is 04 3282 3263

    Drop me a call, I'll be happy to join u :)
    Hey all,

    I'm planning to head up tonight and have room for 2 for people (3 if you're willing to squeeze :). Planning to leave from Richmond station at 1930. If you're keen, call or text me 0423726797.

    Sounds like a whole lot of fun, hope you all have a fantastic NYE and all the best for safe & rewarding travel for 2013.

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