• Hello I'm arriving with my wife and my daughter for our first trip to Japan the 29th March until the 13th April. I'm still figuring out how to move in Tokyo city! that's so big! I know we will get lost several times, but that's part of the adventure. Any advises are welcome! I also realized that the 2013 baseball season is just ready to start. Would anybody like to watch a match at the Dome the 30th or 31st March? Does anybody know about a good baseball shop not difficult to find? Looking forward to discover this amazing country!

    Glad you are interested in Japanese baseball!
    I am a fan of the Hiroshima Carp, who will be visiting the Tokyo Dome on 30th and 31st. The weekend series are usually packed, and I often go to games played in Jingu (in center of Tokyo) and Yokohama.

    The Carp will be visiting Yokohama on 9-11. The weekday games' tickets are easy to get and I might go to one of those games.

    Would it work for you?
    Hello! Thanks for your reply! My first thought when I saw the start of the season just when we arrive was trying a match at the Dome because it's relatively close from our hotel, but now I'm afraid I won't get tickets if it's too packed. On the 9-10-11 April we should be back to Tokyo, and going to Yokohama could be possible. It's all about making the point with my wife and daughter! Anyway, I will try to get tickets for the Giants and if it's not possible Yokohama will be a nice option! We can stay in touch to arrange it if it's possible!
    Thanks again!
    Mauricio Sahli.
    Yes, please let me know if you can get tickets at the Dome.

    We still have a month to go.
    Please cheer for the Carp while most are the Giants' fans!
    When you say move do you mean move around (get around)? Or move there to live?
    Sure! I will contact you as soon as possible after trying or getting the tickets! do you know if there is anyway to buy them by internet?

    Dave, just moving around...I think it won't be simple to figure out quickly about metro and all private and public lines...but that's part of the adventure, just that we don't have much time and I wouldn't like to lost half a day underground!
    I know a site in Japanese, but I guess it won't work.

    There seem to be several ways. http://www.japan-guide.com/forum/quereadisplay.html?0+65524

    I checked the availability - Sunday daylight game at 2pm seems to have some tickets - Sat game is almost sold out.

    I found japanball.com, they can sell tickets by internet but the handling fees are very high. I think we won't try the Giants match on that weekend. I talked with my wife and she told me that for April the 11th she is planning to go to Kamakura early morning. Watching google maps I see that Yokohama is just in the middle between Kamakura and Tokyo. So, we all agreed to go to the Carps game in Yokohama after visiting Kamakura! I hope it can work for you!
    It should work, we can meet at the Yokohama Stadium which is closed to several stations - if you come by JR, it wil be Kannai.

    I usually sit at the 17 or 18 area which costs you Y2500 or 2000 per adult and 800 for a child up to 15. http://www.yokohama-stadium.co.jp/admission/index.html

    Let me know if you are ok,
    Places 17 seem very well for me! I hope that I will be already used to transportation in Japan for the 11th April to avoid any delay getting to the stadium. This game is integrated now in our schedule! That will be great! I just hope it won't be packed!
    Tickets should be no problem for week night games - please be careful that it might be cold at night in April,

    We can meet at the Kannai Station. If you want, we can go to China Town in Yokohama for super before the game.

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