• Hey guys! I need some help! I'm planning on making an april fools video for my boyfriend. It's our anniversary so I wanted to tell him I hated him...or have you tell him I hated him haha ..at the end of the video I plan to set it straight but I need you guys to make this fun(:

    You can be creative take a picture or video saying: Natasha hates Salah (his name) in your language or any language of your choosing... you can also exaggerate like "she hates you so much, she'd rather eat toe nails than see your face. You know? Make it silly.

    Email it to me at natasha_reeves01@yahoo.com
    If you want to see it: type Natasha Reeves into youtube after april fools ! Thanks guys!
    Agree with the above posts. Not to mention the video itself sounds mean
    When there were moderators many were saying there were too full of themselves, feeling like Gods.
    Now some people miss moderators...
    I personally prefer the "vox populi vox dei"...

    Anyway, very soon should come a new feature, were people, when posting, will have offered a few categories (including CouchRequests ;D)... which will help filter messages... surely won't be perfect... but much better, I believe... ;)
    I haven't been here for long enough to know how was the moderator here, just saying some good ones, some bad ones, how to distinguish...

    Anyway, a new tool is here, a new one is coming... let's do with that we have and will have...

    I am not taking sides, I keep my own opinions for myself, just saying what is coming as I recently read about it...
    Oh hey guys, I didn't realize this would cause so much upset. I actually saw someone do this before and participated because I thought it was a cool idea. I understand that couch surfing is about traveling and hosting but it's also about participating in events, getting to know each other, and asking your fellow people to come through for you when you need them.

    Get off your righteous horses and hatefulness. Instead of being a jerk about it and saying this is a waste of space, how about you come up with a more thoughtful idea like making a group for it. You say that many people do it, then obviously not everyone shares the same idea as you McGregor.
    When people call my ideas lame or a waste of space it feels a little personal.. As for it being on the threads, maybe you are right about it not being the place for this kind of post.

    This was not supposed to be a mean spirited video at all, it was supposed to be silly and fun for everyone. You say that I don't need my fellow CSers but want them....I could say the same for people traveling. They don't "need" a place to sleep or advice they "want" it.

    Anyways. I understand what you mean about connecting with people in Tokyo etc. I won't post again like this, but maybe next time you could be a little bit more humble with your responses and ideas.

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  • It looks like you're posting an email address or phone number. To protect your privacy, don't post any personal contact information here.