• Hi everybody Tokyo CSs!!!

    I will move in Tokyo for one year to work as a researcher at the Tokyo University in in the Hongo Campus!

    My first task is to find a place to live! Do you have any advice for me?

    I would like to know where are god places to live in Tokyo not too much expensive maybe in a nice location with a good young life!

    Every advice, hint and also an Hello is welcome! :D :D :D :D :D

    Ciao Ciao
    hey! according to my experience, the apartment price around hongo campus is around 70-80k yen. it's quite expensive actually.
    but if you move further than the campus it will be much cheaper.
    a friend of mine live in a dormitory in Ayase (4 stations) from Hongo and he spend around 60k yen all in. including breakfast and dinner.
    I live quite far from Hongo and just commute there everyday LOL.
    Thanks for the reply!

    I have seen a bit on internet about prices and yes... they are very high compared with European prices!

    I'm just searching with sakura house and now i will try the other website! thanks Lambert!

    Where are you lodging Andika??

    Do you know maybe some forum or website in order to find a room in a shared apartment like for example student housing??

    @ Alberto
    I have my own apartment but it's in Matsudo. about 50 minutes to Nezu station, the nearest station to Todai.
    but I think you could try this KIF dorm http://www.kif-org.com/dormitory/english.html#a03
    just try the Tokyo one.
    or Azalea house http://www.azalea-house.com/index.php/page/about_E

    anyway, if you are researcher maybe you could get Todai's lodge. have you try contacting them?
    Thank for all the hints!

    Yes I will apply for the Apartment for researcher but the competition is very high so I check for the B plan! :D

    How is live in Tokyo?? excluding the home expense more or less how much do you spend to live every month? eating, cell phone and similar stuff??

    And which are yours apartment??
    Thanks very much to all for the super usefull hints!

    Yu I'm trying to learn Japanese! When I will be in Tokyo I would like to attend some Japanese class in order to learn! :D

    Alberto, Tokyo Rent is also nice, but a bit expensive. you can try a sharing on Craig'sList. Or find some list of students from your country. Where are you from?
    Ciao, dicono che interno linea Yamanote è costoso per vivere. se frequenterai a hongo ti consiglio...mm Ouji...(se vuoi vivere da solo).
    poi sul cellare noi paghiamo ogni mese fissamente, circa 5000-7000 al mese. io abito da sola e spendo 150,000yen al mese,incluso l'affito,cibi,hobby,ecc...
    Hi! Roberto I have check a bit on Craiglist seems interesting but what do you mean with "find some list of students from your country." I'm Italian! :D

    Thanks Kisara! Parli bene Italiano! :D

    For examples if I would like to have an iphone with a kind of all inclusive internet connection more or less how much i will pay for that? ?

    @ Alberto
    i pay around 7k-8k yen per month for my softbank iphone (including call and sms)
    my friend use AU and he pays for the same amount.
    life in Tokyo is really nice, especially the transportation system. i came from a city where traffic jam is a daily thing. and since i'm an urban planner, experiencing super convenient mass rapid transit thing like here is like a dream come true lol.
    and of course japan is more expensive ;)

    i live in one of the UR apartment. to enter it, just search it's website and their english contact. i asked many questions in english and made my contract one month after my arrival in Japan.
    for the start you need to pay shikikin worth 3x monthly rent. but if you have tax certificate from your home country (translated into english), you could pay the shikikin using yearly installment (once/year).

    good luck!
    How about this dorm?! http://www.jasso.go.jp/tiec/index_e.html

    You can directly move to this dorm from your country. There is furniture in a room. Also, cost is not so high. About 800 residents from over 80 countries live here.

    In my opinion, At first, you should stay guest house temporary.
    Then look for house by foot yourself. Because you can look for house with much time. Also you can get real experience.
    Thanks to all for the precious advice! Now I will apply for the Oiwake international house, hoping for a vacation.

    Someone of you need or knows somebody that maybe needs a roommate to share apartments in the Hongo area?

    If you want write to me in private.

    Thanks Again


    PS: I will be happy to meet you when I will be in Tokyo! :D
    Hi Alberto,
    Actually I didn't know about Hongo-3chome area. But I recommend "shimokitazawa". It takes about 30 minutes by train. But Many foreigner are living there, including my friend. and there is near by shinjyuku, and shibuya too. :)
    I'm sorry, I didn't have any good advice. I hope you can find a good place.
    Hi Alberto,
    I found a couple sites while doing research that may be helpful. They all have articles regarding moving to Tokyo.
    http://www.gaijinpot.com/- many articles about jobs, apartments, and living in japan
    http://tokyocheapo.com/- living cheaply in tokyo
    http://www.tokyorent.com/- a way to spend less money in agent fees when finding an apartment.

    Hope that helps!

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