• Hi everyone! I am visiting my brother who lives around Ogikubo Station next month and will have about a week in town. I would love to hunt photos with my DSLR while there and am wondering where are the must-visit authentically Japanese places I should go to.

    I love landscapes, history, architecture, and art. Temples, botanical gardens, old palaces, war memorials, tea ceremonies, rituals, lakes surrounded by forests, etc. lots of tradition. If music and dancing is involved, I would love that too.

    But if you have suggestions on modern Japan too, they would be most welcome too! I'll definitely stop by Harajuku street.

    Arigatoo gozaimasu and can't wait to hear from you guys :)

    Do you know "YAMARIKI(山利喜)"?
    They serve you special stew named "MOTSUNIKOMI(もつ煮込み)".
    It is loved by local people in Tokyo,me too sure.
    Maybe you cannot find it on the guide book.
    Please try it! http://www.yamariki.com/en/topen.html

    PS. After 6pm it will be clowded. You should go there at it's opening time 5pm.
    Hi! You are luckly as late March and early April is the season of cherry blossoms!

    There are so many places you can go to see cherry blossoms but I would recommend you to visit Rikugien.
    It was very pretty at night time.

    If you are in Ogikubo, why don’t go out drinking in Nishi-ogikubo. There are nice bars and restaurants there.

    If you are interested in Hot spring, you can go to Hakone which is not far from Tokyo.
    You can see mount Fuji. Owakudani in Hakone is interesting place, too. http://www.owakudani.com/index-e.html

    by the way Owakudani is a volcanic valley with active sulphur vents so it's very smelly!! :-p

    I hope you have a wonderful time there.

    Thank you everyone! I will definitely go for cherry blossoms, yamariki and the lovely eateries at Ogikubo, and try to to make it to Hakone!

    Kyoko: hunting photos together there sounds fun! Let's exchange emails? Mine g.c.susetyo@gmail.com .
    Hi! I think a restaurant "Gonpachi" in Nishiazabu is also recommended place! It is a Japanese restaurant and famous for foreigners. Though dinner is a little bit expensive, you can eat lunch in average price.
    And the other my favorite Japanese place is Edo castle near the Kudanshita station. There are many beautiful cherry brossoms too, so you can see castle and flowers in same time!
    i like photography too.
    can i join you guys? :)
    If u guys are planning to go to hakone, I would like to join u. take a picture with mt Fuji is one of my goals
    Hi Andika and Paul! Sorry for the late response. I'm still working out a schedule with my brother, whom I'll be visiting there. This is actually a family trip so my parents are coming too. But I'm trying to figure out, with or without my brother, if it's possible to schedule one or two photo hunting outings without my parents. I am looking forward to meet new friends in Japan! Do e-mail me at g.c.susetyo@gmail.com and we'll see what we can work out :)
    M also planning to go to hakone.lets meet up

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