• I'll be visiting Japan on 4th March, for 2 weeks. All I heard was "expensive", hopefully I can break the mystery of "Expensive", how much money should I bring for 2 weeks, is 30,000 yen enough? by the way my hostel is sponsored. Any tips?
    Depends on where you visit in Japan, Tokyo is the most expensive whereas smaller towns are cheaper, but not by much.

    In Tokyo:
    - a typical not fancy meal is about 600-1000yen, so at least 3000yen/day for meal if you want to eat fairly decent. But I suggest you to budget in more to fully enjoy your trip.
    - hostel/hotel ranges from 3000yen-10000yen+.
    - pocket money depends on yourself .

    Hope that helps ;0
    You can eat cheaper if you buy your meals at convenient stores. They also have noodles, sandwiches, sushi, (try the onigiris, it's only 100-150 yen and so delicious!) You can also get snacks at the 100 Yen Shops, they're everywhere.
    The public transportation can be expensive, if you use it a lot.... 30.000 yen sounds a bit too little, however if you don't spend money on sightseeing, eat cheap food and walk a lot instead of taking the trains, you might be able to do it. Better bring a bit more :)
    Actually I'm going to Sapporo, so I'll do many things as it will be snowy over there. It seems like I have to fund-raise ya. Thanks guys!! :)
    just got back from a trip to Hokkaido myself and I can say for sure that 30k is not enough. the transportation is really expensive and the distances long, so you would typically spend about 1k yen for a heavy sightseeing day or a day-trip to, say, Otaru. food is not that expensive though and very delicious. but still you will most likely spend more than 3k yen per day (overall), so that will get closer to 45-50k for two weeks. I spend 70k for about 10 days, but I got a JR-Pass and travelled the whole island form Otaru to Abashiri and also had to pay for 3 nights. calculate the difference yourself. anyway, if you need advice, write a message.
    you should buy JR pass, it's expensive but I recon that it's cheaper than buying per ticket if you're going to a lot of places.
    Hey guys, thank you so much!
    I sure have to fund-raise :)
    Well,, that's true. But there are also something, somewhere cheap! For example food, go get Gyudon which is awesome and cheap!! Around 300-500 yen!
    If you don't include accommodation, 2200 yen per day is more than enough for basic food. But if you want to go to a lot of touristy places, you(ll need more than that.

    The JR pass is good if you want to travel to different cities around the country. If you stay in one city, a short trip on the train will cost 150 to 300 yen one way.
    You can eat lunch for 300 to 900 yen
    Dinner also from 300 for dirt cheap up to 3000 for a nice meal.

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