• Hi everyone, this is my first ever post but I am very excited. It's a long way off but a few friends and I are coming to Vancouver for about 7 days before heading down to the EDC in Las Vegas in June. As we all have our finals approaching I thought I may do some forward planning/ get some advice.
    I have heard such wonderful things about this area of Canada, does anyone have any tips for big nights out/ beautiful scenery/ things unique to Vancouver?
    Any advice would be much appreciated :)
    Much love x x x
    Hey, Vancouver is a great city, I'm really glad you're planning a visit!
    I would recommend a bike ride around Stanley Park. Its about 10km around, and you get great views of the North Vancouver Mountains. Its really easy to get to since its right downtown. There are bike rental places on the streets leading into the park.
    Grandville Island is also worth checking out. Its also really accessible. Its a really fun market, and is great to check out especially if its a sunny day.
    Finally, if you have access to a car, its worth trying to go up to the Cypress Mountain lookout point. On a sunny day, you can see all the way to Mount Baker (USA).
    For big nights out, all the clubbing/partying is on Grandville Street downtown. You need to remember that in Vancouver, you have to go out early (getting to the bar at about 10 will hopefully get you in, you might need to go earlier for bigger clubs like Caprice though).
    If you happen to be there on June 16th, Vancouver celebrates 'carfree day' on Main Street, or Commercial Drive. I would highly recommend checking out the Commercial Drive Car Free day, it is so much fun to check out. There are food stands, music, shows. There is no way of describing this event properly...

    I hope that helps!
    Ah guys this all sounds great. Thank you so much for replying I didn't think anyone would. So do you recommend renting a car to go to Vancouver island? Are the ferries easy etc. and are there loads of places to camp? Or are hostels a better bet? Thanks again for all the advice x
    I would definitely recommend a car for VI, it is far nicer to get around and you can stop wher ever you like and go for one of the little rainforest walks on the way over to Tofino and Uclulet. We just slept in the Van, but there are hostels around as well. Also great was whale watching there, quite pricey though.

    If you like a bit of hiking around Vancouver, a drive to Deep Cove for doing a part of the Baden-Powell Trail is nice, or just take the seabus over to North Vancouver and hike from Capilano Lake down to the city on one of the easy walking trails / drive to Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge for a bit of a wander around.

    Have fun!!
    Thank you sooo much :) we will be heading out for a big big night in Van Fri the 7th before moving on down the coast so maybe see some of you around those who aren't in other countries,

    much love and very very appreciated x x
    I would definitely recommend a car on Vancouver Island and yes (!) go to Tofino or, if you are into hiking and camping, drive all the way up to cape scott (a fun drive on logging roads ;) ), take a tent and walk through an untouched rain forest to the very top of vancouver Island (http://www.capescottpark.com/index.html). This was definitely my favorite adventure on the island so far.

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