• hi i just bought a plain ticket last december but y recently came up whit a big problem due to the condicions in my country
    here is my story http://igg.me/p/338394/x/1850474

    thanks for all the help you can provide even a tweet or a share on FB migth be of great asistance
    With the easiest thing I've come so far it'd be to buy euros somewhere else than your country argentina/peru/chile, try to create and account in a spanish bank and send your money from that country so that you dont have to bring it to the airport and get your whole bling bling confiscated. Since spanish banks want new people to bring their money to them you may not have a big problem creating one.
    hi i wish ill be that easy, the same way i cant exchange my money in other currency in my country that rule aply for the rest of the world, no exchange house in the world is allow to change Bolivares for Euros or Dollars, but only Dollar to Bolivares, not even banks can exchange Bolivares to euros or any other currency cause of foreing exchange control in venezuela

    thanks for you help anyway :)

    BTW a tweet share on FB of this link or even one dollar might be of great assistance
    I give Xixi the prize for best answer, buy gold as that is exchangeable everywhere and easier to travel with plus he wouldn't be affected by the change in exchange rates in Venezuela. Or if you google you're concern you would find sites such as this that can help you out. Go to a local hostel and see if anyone wants your currency at a decent rate http://www.tripadvisor.ca/ShowTopic-g316066-i3370-k2016334-Where_can_I_exchange_Bolivares_Fuertes_to_Dollars_in_the_US-Caracas_Central_Region.html
    Jon's idea is excellent. Maybe also post on the Couchsurfing groups in Venezuela to see if you can change money with CSers. I sometimes do that because it's a win-win (you get the xe.com rate without paying commission). Might be easier to get a combination of Euro, USD, CAD, GBP, AUS etc. They are all major currencies and easy to convert when in Europe.

    There must be a way - I've met Venezuelans overseas. I'll ask my Venezuelan friend in USA how he did it and will report back...
    thaks for ur comment,barbara the money acording to my math i was going to need for my trip ( same way is almost all of it xD ) and not in cash via the raise they deposit u on paypal and that way i can transfer it to a bank account of a friend or maybe open one in spain.

    even if i get one card right now u need to aply for a permit which not only take for ever are impossible to obtain. and no bank is allow to do such transaction from bolivares to dollar or bolivares to any currency

    the idea of the gold is good and bad at the same time. cause its illegal to carry gold from Venezuela to any country. so not possible.

    here in Venezuela there is a black market of dollars but there is no reasonable price
    "real" price of the dollar
    1dollar = 6,30 bs

    black market
    1dollar = 25,04

    3,9 the real value of the dollar www.lechugaverde.com

    if 1 dollar = 0.758092639 Euros

    black market
    4 dollar = 0.758092639 Euros

    if any CSer come to Venezuela there is no win win if i exchange it cause they allways can sell it on the black market at a better price (cant blame them hehe ) so here there is no way to buy them or exchange it at a resanaa price near the real

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