• Hello dear ladies and heroes, who live in the city of my dream - Vienna!

    I am a little bit crazy and a few spontaneous person, so, probably, I will buy very-very soon the tickets to Vienna for NY holiday! Since 28 Dec till 4 Jan.

    And as I will come alone, I really want to know, what usually happens in the city in this period? Will be shops open? What about restourants, bars? And I want very much to visit opera!

    And for sure I with pleasure will say hello New Year in warm company!

    Very grateful for the all advices! Especially them, who can be very-very fast )

    lerika-paris (skype)
    +7 911 155 53 54

    Warm hugs! And maybe see you soon!

    Hi Valerina we tolk abaout Vienna...
    Well, most likely when this is the Vienna group... (even when the style changed...)

    I wonder if tickets won't be expensive like hell.
    But in case you reach Vienna, be prepared for our opening/closing times. 28th till 6 or 8pm, Sat 6pm, Sunday almost everything closed, 31st some shops might be open but usually only till about 1 or 2pm. 1st will be closed almost everything and from 2nd on ordinary business again.
    Concerning restaurants it really depends on. Is difficult to say. Sometimes it can really get an oddysey :-p Bars are more flexible.
    In case you wanna go to Opera be prepared that employees there can or will be rude, especially around NYE. It can be because of the stressy time but we also don't have that opera tradition and love like you in Russia! My surfer at NYE 2 years ago had (very) negative experience what i'm sorry for :-/
    Concerning NYE itself, depending on where you wanna go, entry is usually double (10-30€) and drinks too :-p

    Wish you a nice stay :)
    Hello Valeria..
    My name is Oren i live in Vienna now.. and im staying here for the holidays.. if you need a company during your vacation in the city.. i would love to meet up for a chat\pub\dinner.. wish you a great holiday anyway!! :)
    basis 1
    finding tourists at recommended places doesnt mean these places are bad or tourist rip-offs. See, vienna is one of the most visited places in the world, tourists are everywhere.

    Basis 2
    Whatever you do to pack hotspots into your vienna trip – there will always remain heaps of undone. So RELAX. better sit on a nice terrace and enjoy the day instead of getting blisters from running.

    Basis 3
    The more expensive/exclusive a place is the more you can expect to be seated, but in general, we dont wait at the entrance. If you are unsecure (especially when you have found a nice table in the cafe and dont want to lose it) then go to the table, stand there, and give sign to the waiter that you would like to sit here. Wait for his reaction.

    Tourist program
    City center, first district, stroll around and take an espresso in the pedestrian zone.
    JUDENPLATZ is rather quiet

    Take a walk around the RING, the alley that encloses city center (the first district). 50% of the sightseeing places are there.

    My favourite bar
    This is the emperors backyard, on one side you see his palace, on the other side see PALMENHAUS, the glass front greenhouse.


    Wiener schnitzel
    Nice atmosphere at SCHNITZELWIRT in the 7th district,neubaugasse. International guests, you are seated wherever space is. The schnitzel is well done for budget prices.

    NASCHMARKT in the food court lane

    enjoy traveling!

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  • It looks like you're posting an email address or phone number. To protect your privacy, don't post any personal contact information here.