• Hey!
    As a trainee in music journalism I'm going to work for the magazine TheGap from April to August this year. Anyone, who rent out a room?
    I'm an open-minded, communicative and dynamic person und would love to live in a shared flat of people who trust and like each other!

    Yours Sincerely
    Hi Luise,
    ich glaub bei uns wird ein zimmer in der zeit frei.
    ( Vogelweidplatz 4)
    ca. 330 euro, 11 quadratmeter, dunkle, verhaute wohnung, kein putzplan.... aber spitzen-wg-stimmung!
    du kannst ja mal vorbei schaun. wenn du lust hast meld dich einfach ab 2. oder 3. märz bei mir (tel.: 0043 680 20 40 447)
    Oder schau am 17. März bei der filmpremiere von Walter (einer der Mitbewohner) abends im Moe (beim brunnenmarkt, kennst du das?) vorbei!

    we have a free room in our shared 200 m2 apartment! we are all between 21 and 30 and are from Austria, Rumania, Italy and Ireland!

    The room is 40 m2 big, with furniture! the only thing, there would be kaution of 1400 (i know its much, but we all paid that) but the rent is only 350 euro! so let me know if ure interested

    I'm interested, I'ld love to live in a multi-culti-living community! I could barrow the caution from my family, would be okay, I guess.
    I'm just in Vienna till Monday morning, so if we could meet today or tomorrow, that would be fine... My number is 069917100776, so please call me, if we could let this happen!
    Thank you very much!

    Yours Sincerely,
    hey luise! my room is free for rent for april, may for sure and possibly more after that.. i know its only 2 months100%sure, but thought u r maybe interested. the room is in a WG with 4 other people, we are all vegetarians/vegan and activism-oriented, its in the 9th districht near volkoper and the rent is 350. oh and its 30 m2. write me a message if ure interested!

    thanks for replying! I'm interested. I'm not vegetarien, yet, not an activist, but I try my best changing the world as a journalist :-) I seldomly eat meat and would not mind to not eat meat in a place where others would bother it. Just that you know...
    My mother is involved in occupy and friends of mine in Berlin are left-wing or gender-freedom-activists, from them I get my inspiration! Tonight I' planned to dumpster food for the Votiv-church-activists... So well, probably I'm a little bit an activist... ;-)
    As you might have read, I'm in Vienna till Monday morning, so if there's a possibility to meet you tomorrow, call me - 069917100776.

    Yors Sincerely
    Hey !

    I'm interested too ! I will be doing an internship at the UN from June to August.

    I'm interested in sharing a flat with 2/3 other people.

    Thanks for your help!


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  • It looks like you're posting an email address or phone number. To protect your privacy, don't post any personal contact information here.