• Hey everybody, not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I think so...? Anyway, I'm coming to Vienna in June, specifically for a Distant Worlds concert in your Konzertahus :) And if everything goes as planned, I'll be in Vienna around 6am, while the concert is takes place at 7pm. That's a lot of time - therefore I wanted to take a look around Vienna. I prepared a plan that involves a lot of metro travel, and I wanted to ask you, Vienna locals, if it's possible to do that in this time, taking into account the times for getting around Vienna in the U-Bahn. So, here it goes:

    1. I start around Sudbahn, which is not far from Belveder - I can go there by foot, visit the gardens, take some pictures.

    2. Next I go back to Sudbahn station and take the S15 to Hutteldorf where I change trains to U4 and visit Schonbrunn 4 stops away. Photo time! :D

    3. I take the U4 to Karlsplatz, then the U2 to Museumsquartier and visit Hofburg.

    4. U4 --> Rathaus, to see the Rathaus and the parliament nearby.

    5. U2 --> Praterstern to go on the wheel :D And maybe a rollercoaster or two, but I'm afraid the prices are too steep for my PLN-->EUR exchange :(

    6. MAYBE visit the island on Donau

    7. Take the U1 to Stephansplatz and see the cathedral.

    Then...I don't know, there probably won't be any time left, if I can even squeeze this much, so I'll just head to the Konzerthaus (the Karlsplatz stop), change clothes in the bathroom and wait for the concert, completely exhausted xD And then I'll need to rely on someone to host me or sleep on a U-Bahn stop because I sure as heck can't afford the hotel prices XD Is this a probable plan? I mean, do you think this is doable?
    And another question - are all the U-Bahn lines mentioned available under the 24h-ticket? I mean, would I have to buy another one for any of them if I have the regular 24h ticket for U-Bahn? Or is that ticket different for each line, which would be very very sad for me? xD
    Oh, and if any of you know a place near any of the stops I've mentioned where I can eat a Schnitzel for under 5EUR (I've heard that there's a lot of stands selling cheap ones), please give me the address, as I'd like to have a taste :D
    Schnitzel Restaurant, very simple comes with Fries & 2 Schnitzels with sauce. Cost €5.80.
    Siebenbrunnenplatz,.1050 Vienna.
    Take Bus 59a from Opera to "Reinprechtsdorferstrasse /Arbeitergasse.walk than 200m up the street,on yr right next to Billa Supermarket.
    Schnitzel sandwhich for €2,50
    Schnitzelwirt in Neubaugasse 52, closed on sundays
    2 Schnitzels will be served without side dish for €6,80. Its enough for 2 ppl. so if u share than it cost €3,40 which i always do and i eat aloooot :), enjoy and Bon apetite
    Yes,with the 24hr ticket it covers ALL Metro,Tram and Bus lines in Vienna in Zone 100 which is the whole City, all 23 districts. cost €6,70.

    from lower Belvedere to Schoenbrunn i would take Tram 71 to Karlsplatz and than change to U4. DonT take the S15 to Hutteldorf as this line S15 runs just 1x/hr and u are far longer travelling than with Tram/Metro as mentioned above.
    Hey Rene, thanks for the valuable tips! I already wrote everything down. As my budget is super-tight, I'll probably decide on the schnitzel-sandwich option ;D But seeing as you didn't write anything about my plan being improbable, I guess I can stamp a seal of approval on it and try it out in June ;)
    If anybody has any other tips, here or through private message, it's always welcome!
    Take a look here: http://www.vor.at/efa/fahrplanauskunft/
    It is the offical Routeplaner for public transport in Vienna. Althoug the opinon to switch it to english seems not to work at the moment it sould be pretty selfexlaining.

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