• I was once in a position where I needed help and now I have just come into a position where I can help and I want to. I dont have a couch but I can do something in any other way. Just name your place and time and I will be there. Have a good day!
    hi marcus, although i don't need urgent help at the moment, i wanted to tell you, that i find your offer very kind and i wish more people would have an attitude like you. all the best and greetings, michael
    Thanks. I wish all the best to you!
    is there anything one can do for you?
    my wife is not austrian, but i grew up here an know the city pretty well.
    Hi guys! I am currently touring around Central Europe for a week. I am currently here in Brno staying with a Couchsurfer. We were to go to Vienna together but plans changed so I am going there alone. It would be great to meet you as I dont know anybody from there. :) cheers, Dan
    Hey Marcus! I am in Budapest right now, and will probably in Vienna after April 3rd. I could use a little help around the city :-)
    Hi Marcus!! I m Gianni,an italian guy from beautiful Florence,i m here in Vienna since 2 weeks and I NEED TO WORK!!do you know somebody who needs or if it s some classified list of the daily works needed everyday in vienna?!
    The problem is that I don t have a fixed place now,so when I m going to search for work they say me I need an address!
    If you know somethinglet me know!
    my number 676 570 8815
    Hey Gianni,
    try these sites for part time student jobs: www.unijobs.at www.jobwohnen.at www.schwarzesbrettoeh.at

    these are for full time positions: http://www.karriere.at http://www.derstandard.at

    I didnt understand the sites because of the language barrier so I typed in englisha and found some childcare work and lessons. You can try Italian lessons. Good Luck!
    And that thank you for your nice replies!
    Hey, I am in Vienna for 6 months on business and stay in an apartment for the duration of my time. I don't know very many people and I would love the chance to meet a few people who either live here/know the city very well or general passers by into the city.
    Let me know, maybe we can meet for a beer/coffee somewhere?
    Marcus, very nice attitude of you!! i will follow you example and join your desire of help!!!
    If you still want to help I have to paint a jungel to day I start at 4 pm until 7 pm. It is in a scout home and we just use a porjector and paint it on the wall! If you like just give me a msg or call
    it is in the Klimschgasse 15th district! 06506683387
    I will provide Krautflecker and some drinks !

    cheers stefan
    3 district hous Number 15!
    Hey Stefan, Im so sorry I didnt see your post until now. Can I help tomorrow?
    yes I need help I moved to wien a few months ago seen the palaces museums and parks I´m bored to death here is there anything else to do in this city??
    lol - Yael just chill out in a kaffeehaus all day, read a book and forget about the time, just enjoy the kaffee and the atmosphere.

    Hi Marcus!
    So nice of you :)
    Btw, me and my friend have just arrived in Vienna.
    It would be great if you can show us around :D

    Best of luck!
    Sure I can show you around. when do you have time? Today I will be a little busy but tomorrow is ok. Easter is a good day to party anyway:)
    heey,first of all, i'm impressed by this offer, not usual to read something like this!
    and second thing is, i really would need some help, i'm just moving out to a new flat, its close to friedensbrücke and the flat is in the 5th floor without elevator, so tomorrow in the morning i would need some strong people to help me to bring my bed and a cupboard upstairs..
    well, if someone is interested (; hahah, just message me
    would be great, awesome, magnificent.. and so on (:

    Hey mirjam,
    Please give me a call 068183769931. I will be able to be there if you call me and anyone else who needs anything please call me so we can work something out faster and more specific. And anyone who just wants to hang out should call me to. I can't wait to hear from my new friends:)
    Hey Marcus,
    thanks for this great offer! I'm looking for a tandem partner who want to learn me better english and who want learn german. If you are interessted I would be happy to hear from you! greets, christian
    Christian please call me:) My number is in this post.

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  • It looks like you're posting an email address or phone number. To protect your privacy, don't post any personal contact information here.