• Dear Couchsurfers

    Traditionally we call it " Thursday NIGHT ". People used to do something special in this night. Employees or students, young or old, families or friends whoever they could be. Starting from making their engagement or wedding party, family or friends gathering, outing, dinner out or even talking and debates, watching a movie or soccer game. It's not only about socializing but doing varies activities enjoying their time, having fun, and also be able to stay for a late time where it's the weekend Eve..

    It's the time to have our Couchsurfing Weekend EVE..
    **************** Let's do something.. Let's make it CRAZY ;)

    Launching Date: Thur. 1 Nov. 2012 >>> Follow our updates ;)

    Ehab Hamed
    ************* It's the time for PARTYYYY *************

    You are invited for the Weekend EVE launching night 1 Nov. 2012. Unique event which takes place in the beautiful garden of the Swiss club. It'll be full of joy and art. Many DJs and bands will present in this night. listen to music and dancing together :)

    This event is FREE entrance with limited invitations. Please contact the CS event organizers to deliver you the invitation.

    Let's join us this Night.. and get ready 2 P@rTy HARD ;)


    Ehab Hamed
    @ El Refay : thx dear.. I'd say Hands On Hands.. Make a better land :0

    @ Mustafa : Let's do it :))

    @ Wessam : welcome welcome welcome :))
    i like , i love , i adore
    am IN isa
    this group is for gay and lesbians and bisexuals -yes? thnx
    Ehab Good Idea
    Ya Gam3a el nas fahmtko 3*lat hahahahahah

    I wish i could Join but shit on my job :@
    Have Fun enjoy much :)

    Best ..


    It's a real pleasure to see your interest soooooooooo Let's doooooo it :))

    Please don't miss to join in the event page to be able counting and confirm for the invitations needed.

    Event Link:
    Do you remember the Galabaya Party in the FIRST CSBD Jan 2012 ( CS BirthDay ), and customs used in many of CS Cairo Weekly meetings ? ;)

    What about having our customs in this Weekend EVE, being unique look among the other attendees in that party ;)

    hmm Galabaya, Sport T-Shirt... OR even Halloween

    PS. Invitations will start to be availble from today in CS Cairo Weekly meeting in Opera House.
    I love it,,,but regarding cutoms, note that there is a halloween party the next day, friday....so we dont want to appear as if we thought it was thursday :D:D

    we can kina choose like one colour or something,,,but leave the halloween to the next day,,,which i may attend in fact and hope we can all go too
    Is this also known as the Exodus event?? If so how can I receive an invitation? Thanks and inshaAllah I'll be able to go with you guys! (:
    @ Mohamed Nawwar : Yea, it's by invitation as mentioned
    @ Michelle : Yea, and we're going to participate as Couchsurfers.. The invitations will be available as mentioned in the weekly meeting in Opera for Couchsurfers
    HY Ehab,

    How to have the invitation ? knowing that i am not going in town before ....
    at what time does it start ?
    as it seems to be a "dancing party" but i am surprise that the event announce that it start at 6PM ???
    i hope to join this event ... really a nice group present with marvelous effort done to gather people ... best wishes to this nice evening and people
    sounds like fun, i might be up to it :)
    Hi everyone,

    I'm arriving in Cairo tomorrow afternoon for a long 4 day weekend, I'd love to get involved in any kind of couchsurfing reunion party either tomorrow or at some point over the weekend. Where's the location? I'm staying on the cornische by Bahr Al Aazam.

    All the best,

    Hey Ehab,
    Finally found the link .. I'm in
    OMG... I couldn't imagine all of such interest to attend in the weekend EVE.. it's really amazing and wished that aaaaaaall gonna be on board of the first EVE. but still more r coming :)

    Well, as mentioned before that this party is a public event, free entrance however it's by invitation which is limited and as we are couchsurfers " weekend eve " gonna attend in it.

    That number of attendees weren't expected but finally got the approval and invitations for 50 although the party organizers have issues in invitations. we tried to have at least extra 10 ,again, yesterday to cover more but unfortunately they can't ( overbooked ) and really appreciating their efforts to welcome Couchsurfers..

    So as for anyone got invitation BY ANYWAY,or confirmation. Our meeting point gonna be in front of Opera House main gate from 5:45 to 6:15 PM, gather our self in the available cars and then move to Swiss Club. Bands gonna start by 7 PM. so we should be there before.

    Let's warm up CS again.. The rest yet to come ;)
    it waaaaaas awesomeeeeee seriously full of fun hot shooting music terrific people

    CS and proud and forever :D

    Thanks eihab ,

    Thanks guys :)
    was one of the best Events ehap keep going bro :)
    thank you Ehab for this great proposal,
    the even were amaising, i did hear great groups and have really fun in a relax atmosphere !
    Second Weekend EVE gonna be a dinner out >>> Here we Goooo ;)

    i am sooooooooooo disapointed !!

    thursday is the day that my next couch surfer arrive at airport at night !!
    so i am stock at home to welcome him ....

    I did planned anyway to bring him to prince anyway ..but an other day !!!

    NB : by the way i did find a great and cheap fish restaurant in maadi on canal street , it call in egyptian the shark ; and it is close to the fly over to leave maadi .... an other great and cheap couch surfer place to eat !!
    I have been twice with CS and we eat more than we could imagine for soo cheap !!
    El Prince it is an amazing place to try a real homemade Egyptian food such as ( Molokhiea , Bamia ... etc )
    I am in Inshallah :)
    just Decide and let me know guys, because it's tomorrow :)
    @ Katty / TIYI : oh come oooon don't be disappointed. You still can welcome him at el Prince and sure all of us gonna do a BIG welcome for him. don't go to your home, just bring him directly :).
    It's a good idea, let's do it so one time at el prince, another gonna be for sea foods.. Weekend eve is about us where we like to do and go ;)

    @ Mostafa : I told you yesterday bro what I gonna eaaaaaaaaat ( Kaware3 and beram roz :D )

    @ Hesham : hmm that mean to count you INNN ? ;)

    @ Philip : El prince located in Embaba. however we gonna have a meeting point before heading to there.

    @ Hady: Welcome on Board of Couchsurfing man. special welcome for new friends ;)
    @ Hesham : wish you can make a try.. the chose of Thursday night so ppl can even stay for late time.. hope you can catch us and welcome at any even ISA :)..
    Good luck in your life.. w law 3awez mosa3da momken ne3mel event w negy neshel ma3ak :)
    c u soon

    To all
    Meeting Point

    - From 7:15 - 7:45 PM today, we will meet in front of Opera House, main gate. gather our self in the available cars then move directly to El Prince.

    - If you wanna go directly to El prince, most probably we'll be there around 8 , 8:15 PM.

    Check the map >>> ( http://www.bing.com/maps/default.aspx?v=2&pc=FACEBK&mid=8100&rtp=adr.%7Epos.30.080784344511_31.219049098658_El+Prince_Imbaba%2C+Cairo%2C+Egypt&cp=30.080784344511%7E31.219049098658&lvl=16&sty=r&rtop=0%7E0%7E0%7E&mode=D&FORM=FBKPL6&mkt=en-GB )

    Event organizers contact are available in the event page

    Kindly join to receive any update

    hy Ehab,

    unfortunatelly, my guest is landing at 8.30PM ..time to arrive home, it will be 10.30 / 11PM ...
    i don't see myslef crossing back again all cairo from MAadi to Imbaba !!
    i will not be on time even to join you for dessert !!! lol

    the fish restaurant in maadi is located close to maadi metro station, 10 min walking ...
    it is named " shark" in egyptian of course !!

    but you have to know that there is few tables only,
    4 "inside" of 6 seats and 3 "outside" of 4 seats ...

    i did eat once at 4 people a complete menu with "grilled shrimps and calari / salads and grilled fish" for 170 EGP all together...
    and an other time at 2 people , same menu for 105 EGP.

    i do recommend it really for CS located in maadi as most other restaurants are much more expensive !!!
    It sound good Katty.. so let's do it in one of the Weekend EVE.. What do you think :)
    The 5th. Weekend EVE >>> RuN & FuN with Frisbee Sporting Night Thur. 3 Jan. 2013

    Event Link : http://www.couchsurfing.org/meetings.html?mid=175671
    Girls Vs. Guys ... Egyptians Vs. Foreigners
    Or even mixed teams, It doesn't matter but just mentioning that all can run and fun.. it's a sport where all can play.

    Let's have fun in a different way ;) https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/1461_10151304787439089_305169298_n.jpg
    The Event will be held in Friday 4th of January at Gizira youth center in Zamalek at 3pm. The meeting point will be at Opera metro station at 2:30.

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