• Hello,

    as you probably already noticed we changed the Location for our Weekly Meeting as many of you were unhappy with Flying Pig.

    We tried out 2 Locations - Lebemann & Hirn and the Wombats Bar.

    Please leave your Feedback on those two Locations here in this Thread (what you like about the places, what you don't like and where you want the weekly meeting to be in the future [could also be a new place, proposals welcome but only if you also would organize it there])


    P.S.: Next Week we will again be at Wombats! Where we will be from December onwards is up to your Feedback!
    I'm for Wombats!
    Lebemann & Hirn Is nice but from the two of them I like Wombats more.
    The place is bigger and quite nice. I like the music a lot too.
    The drinks are good and quite cheap.
    I find a plus, that it is a hostal and you can meet new people, another travelers.
    They have free billards and table football. :D
    The metro it's just 5 minutes away and the location it's really central.
    For me it's the perfect place! Until now I didnt find anything I don't like.
    Let's stay there for longer time!
    Any more feedback anyone?
    It's not mine enought? :P
    Let's stay at wombats!
    @Andrea: Of course your feedback is really appreciated, thx for it. Enough ... well if nobody else gives feedback then it has to be ;)

    You guys can count on me. The location is not an issue for me. Just let me know the place/day/hour and I will be there.

    Does it have to be at one place??

    I think it would be great if the location changed every week (or every two weeks) because then people living here might find some new bars that they might have never gone to otherwise.

    I understand this could be annoying to those who take the time to plan these events, but maybe everyone could just put in an idea and the mods just choose one. And if there are no ideas, then we just go to Wombats.
    Well I think for a weekly meeting to change that often wouldn't be possible. But if you find a organizer team that is big enough ... changing from time to time could be possible.

    I like the atmosphere in Wombats (and the fact that there is a dancefloor, although not a lot of people were dancing..), so that'd be my first choice.
    Here is my feedback to the two locations:

    + I like the fact that Wombats is non – smoking
    + Cheap drinks
    + Free foosball and billiard

    - The music is kind of load for a normal conversation => great to party but not really to talk to other people
    - The room is big so you don´t really know who are couch surfers and who are not – so it is kind of hard to get to know a lot of new couch surfers

    Lebemann und Hirn:
    + Familiar atmosphere
    + We have our own room – only for couch surfers
    + Central and easy to reach

    - It is not totally non – smoking
    - The drinks are not so cheap

    Idea for the following meetings:

    => Changing the location all the time is really complicating and confusing for all the couch surfers but if there is somebody who wants to organize it - you are more than welcome!!
    => Wombats: we could move some bar tables together for example at the area on the left side of the bar. Than the couch surfers would have “kind of” a separate space. I think that it is also good for newcomers because otherwise you are kind of lost in this big room.
    => Lebemann und Hirn: We can´t change anything about the fact that is smells like smoke even if you are in the non - smoking part of the room but the owner said he could do more drinking specials and I could also talk with him about the foosball. I liked the atmosphere and I got to know a lot of people because the room was only for us.

    I am looking forward to seeing you at the meeting today and we can talk about the locations in person :-)
    Hey is it not possible to change the music volume e.g. make it louder only at later hours... and maybe to give out name tags for the couchsurfers. Maybe I join you guys tonight. Is it also possible to play our own music? I have some ideas in mind to play to some "real" international music (balkan, romanian, latin, polish, indish, etc.) for dancing some time...
    We can always tell them to turn the music a little bit lower, shouldn't be any problem.

    We could also "reserve" the two tables when you enter the Bar to the left.

    Also last time we started to give out nametags, don't know if we have them available again, but as we now stay there (I told them until end of January for the moment, 2 Months are going by fast) we could leave the nametags & marker there to have them always available.

    About own music, as far as I remember this should also be no problem, but I don't think it is necessary ... but we can ask today.

    Also I find the comments "I want to meet CouchSurfers, but not the other people" funny ... c'mmon everyone, this is a hostel, everyone there is a traveller ;) Last time I talked to someone who was not here for the CouchSurfing Meeting (he didn't know about that meeting), but in fact also is a CouchSurfer ;)

    i like wombats because once and for all the ridiculous non-smoker discussion would stop. i also like lebemann und hirn, as well as the flying pig. loud music is fine, so is quiet music, i can wear a name tag or ask people for their name, even people who are not couchsurfers. but if we really can't find a place where everyone could bear hanging out for a couple of hours once a week, i'm up for a weekly cs skype conference call. :)
    So we have been in wombats for another month ... everyone happy about it?

    Music is loud, that's true sometimes, so I will tell Wombats that we want the tables next to the pool "reserved" for CouchSurfing and then if the music is too loud in this room you can always go to the Bar and tell them to turn it down a bit
    This should also make it easier finding people

    I would also like to have some people who help organize the meeting (set up the activity, post in the group(s)) because I will not be here for a week or so in February (and again for an even longer time in summer) and don't want to set up the meetings if I'm not even in Vienna ;)

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