• as most of you know, the weekly meeting has been at "Flying Pig" (every Thurday).

    Some are happy with the location and some are not. I always advised the ones (that were not happy) to start a discussion in the forum (this group).

    Sine they do not want to do it (shy or something like that), I will start it...

    What do you guys think about the weekly meeting - location etc.
    If you do not like the place, do you know another place?
    Would you organize it?

    We can organize a voting after we have some locations etc..

    so, please give us some feedback...
    Hey guys!

    I went to some meetings in the US (Boston/ New York) and I loved it. When I came to Vienna I was super excited to go to the couch surfing meetings too but when I saw the location I was a little disappointed. I would say that the “flying pig” is not the best location for such an event because you have a lot of possibilities to sit what is not good for a couch surfing meeting. I figured out that people don´t want so switch places when they sit and then you are stuck to one person for the whole evening. We would need a bigger bar, or some bar tables and more space to stand and walk around. So you have the chance to switch places a lot, communicate as much as possible and get to know people from all over the world.

    My point of few is that a new location would be a great improvement for all of us. I talked to some other couch surfers and they had the same opinion. So if you want to I can look for a new location. If you have ideas let me know. I am happy for all you advices!! I´ll keep you posted....

    I was there only once. Most people were in the area with the table soccer which was a smoking area. I was there only 5 minutes and my clothes were soaked with smoke. The CS meetings should be non-smoking.

    What I especially hate is that the CS organizers are lying to the people because they always say that there is free table soccer but never say that it is a smoking area. I sent numerous messages but they did not change the meeting description to tell the truth. I would never got to a smoking meeting and I think many other people think the same. Shame on the organizers.
    I would just like to comment about the smoking thing. First of all i don't smoke and would like bars to not be smokey.

    But this is Austria, and like it or not the local really smoke a lot. There are just not that many places that are truly local and not smokey. In fact I don't know of any. Sure some have big non smoking sections, but then all my Austrian friends smoke....

    Coming from NZ where Pubs have been smoke free for years its quite a change. But I think that if you want to meet locals in places where locals like to go, then smoke is something you have to live with. More or less.

    For what its worth I was just at the flying pig for someones graduation thing on Saturday. I like it and everyone seems to think it was nice enough (mostly locals). But then we can also include other places in a rotation perhaps? Just be prepared to do some organizing...

    My question is what kind of place do people want? Irish pubs? Local style? Lots of locals? Lots of international people?
    Hey Guys …

    First of all, thanks for your messages…

    However, let me clarify few things…

    First of all, the organizer (George ) – supported by everybody else in the org. team , already has a location : Flying Pig .

    However , since some people are not very happy with the location, I invited them to do something about it - organize it, etc .

    In short, since George and other Volunteers (organization team) are happy with the Flying Pig, or are (at least) NOT willing to organize another event , THIS would be your chance.

    Most probably it was my mistake - I misled you with “feedback”. This is not a “customer service” message. This is more a “hey guys…since some people are not happy with the current location, would any of you like to organize or help George organize one” message.

    Things to know - if you wish to organize:
    - More people can organize it (in fact, it would be easier) – you could co-ordinate between each other at : http://www.couchsurfing.org/group.html?gid=41240

    - Location should:
    Not be very expensive (IMPORTANT)
    Not be very popular
    Offer an exclusive corner/tables for CS
    Have a non-smoking area (at LEAST)
    Host between 30– 60 people every Thursday (if you organize it well you could have much more )
    Not very formal (a pub-like location would be good enough).

    If we can create a team (two, three or more people)we could also organize it in different locations - every month or every season in a different location.

    Answers (to your issues/questions):
    Yes, smoking is usually a problem – you are welcome to find a more suitable location. It is unfortunately not very easy in Vienna (Austria)- as Gregory stated .
    Christina, your are welcome to suggest new locations.

    My suggestion:
    The person willing to ALSO organize it, should make a selection of few places and we can put them to vote.

    Christine, you are welcome to suggest one or two places – you do not have a use a place just because they mentioned them in this post. If you are willing to organize it, you should also be able to make a shorter list… Of course, to be fair to the people that like the "flying pig", we should also include it in the vote...

    Once again, please do not just whine/preach about a location. Please take the initiative, be a part of the team. Please remember that these are events organized by other MEMBERS – this is NOT a service. People do this on their free time – when they can, best way they can …

    That was about it –
    you have been feeding trolls for months - please stop.

    There is nothing wrong with the statements you are referring to. When problems arise, we discuss it in private - like all normal people do :).

    But again, please try to be productive... we have spoken about it many times. If you wish to start a discussion, plesae start at new thread about it.

    This is about the "weekly meeting".

    @Chrstina - You are welcome to post your suggestions at any time
    @All - you are welcome to join Chrsitina

    that was about it...

    imho flying pig is not a perfect location.
    but whats perfect? a nice fancy club? it should be a couchsurfing meeting and not a "come together of rich and famous" ;)

    my idea would be "Dick Macks" near Schwedenplatz.
    i am pretty sure, that a reservation there would be no problem.
    there would be a nice place (when you enter, at the left hand side) - there are pub tables, so people would stand and maybe switch tables from time to time (but this would be the smoking area), of course there is a large nonsmoking area downstairs too.

    ALL SHOTS 1,20/ ALL LONG DRINKS € 2,40
    public transportation is close. there is a smoking/nonsmoking area.

    i didnt like it much in the pig)
    not very central, no guest-minimum service,
    and pretty difficult to find for tourists.
    if there is a chance to change-yes, do it please)
    Dick Macks is an odd kind of Irish pub..in that there are no Irish there :D. Its kind of full of a lot of quite young still going to school types. I know my Daughter goes there often and its pretty full a lot of the time. I also know some of the barmen quite well, but would not be comfortable organizing at this place myself.

    It is cheap. But then another bar owned by the same people is cheaper. Paddys. 2EUR for a pint. Neither place has any real selection of drinks and Paddys is pretty smokey even for Vienna. But is less full during the weeks.
    wow! a G8 couchsurfing meetings
    maybe soon a headline on CNN :)

    @norbert: why don't you organize an event "CS night @ lepassage"?

    "But i really wanna add that none of my CS surfers were homeless or without funds on their way. Some of my surfers i would definitely add to the rich and famous list ;)"

    well i had a lot of surfers and all of them were different. from 10USD-per-day-ATW till money-doesnt-matter travellers

    but i definitely prefer locations with lower prices. affordable for everybody. for me it doesn't have to be a sooo fancy, stylish bar.
    i don't talk with paintings, designer chairs and bang&olufsen speakers. i usually talk with people who attend the meetings.

    greets from my wet and cold home "reichsbrücke 2. pfeiler" ;)
    You are right! Come to one of the meetings and lets talk about it. hope this will stop the trolls... so that we can stick to the topic.

    in short, WHO would like to help/join Christina organize a list of events?

    Centimeter was cheap years ago, but it is no longer: 3,50 € for 0,5 l is easy to get in vienna. Also "if consumation works" ... no it doesn't work at the weekly meeting (well except you can manage that always, every thursday at least 20 or 30 show up)

    I didn't like Flying Pig in the beginning, but the beer is cheap & good, the place is exclusive for CSers and (even though I don't play) table soccer is free.

    Not-central...lol...it's near Volkstheater & Spittelberg, that is central :)

    as far i remember-was once there( never again)
    its not far from MQ-so its nots CEntral-for sure-but its better than Kahlenberg(HIHA) you r right.
    we have definition "Ring"-its out of ring
    Well it's not central as in "in the first district" (the city center of vienna), but for CS meetings I would say central is everything inside (or at) the Gürtel ;)

    Conclusion after this Thread is open for 2 weeks:
    It seems that some People are complaining, but everyone is too lazy to organize something.

    Well then let's stay at Flying Pig ;)

    Yes it is this Wednesday. 24 of October. SORRY!!
    Thanks for the information. I will change it right now....
    Sounds good, 2,70 € for a big beer or (just to make sure ;) )

    But it is a try-out, we should maybe also try more locations ;)

    And then I think there will be a poll to decide for a location, as far as I understood or?

    Hello everybody!!

    I was looking for a new location during the last weeks. I went to different places and talked to the owners.
    The “flying pig” is not the best location for a couch surfing meeting and as you can see in this forum that a lot of people have the same opinion. That´s why it is time to change something and try out a new location.

    I found a great place called “Lebemann und Hirn” (Gumpendorferstraße 34).
    The place is really central and easy to get to – close to the Naschmarkt.
    The owner is super friendly, open minded, easy going and he is familiar with couch surfing because he hosted some people before.
    The location is not that big but we are going to have our own (nonsmoking) room with some couches and table bars. We can also play our own music if we want to. The owner said that we will have a Cocktail happy hour (4,50€) the whole night, beer (for about 2,70€ what is pretty cheap in Vienna, but he said he can maybe make it cheaper) and some snacks (toast,… for about 3€).

    There are also two table soccer´s (one in the smoking part, next to the bar and one in the basement). We can use both if we want to.

    So I think we should give it a try!! It is definitely time to start something new.
    I wanted to start the first meeting in the new Location on the 25th of October (Thursday) but they have already an event on this day. That´s why we start the first meeting on Wednesday, 24th at 8pm. All the other meetings are going to be on a Thursday after that – like usual. It is only next week a Wednesday.

    I am looking forward to seeing you guys on the 24th of October (starting at 8pm) at “Lebemann and Hirn” (Gumpendorferstraße 34).


    The following meetings are on the 1st of November, 8th of November,…..

    I hope to see a lot of people and we are going to have a great time together!

    Wow that is really great news. The pig was mainly smoking because there were no separation (doors) between areas. Hope this better in the new location. Looking forward to these meetings!!!
    Great :) Please create a corresponding CS-activity)
    As you guys can see, it is not easy to organize/collect ideas about an event... but it looks like we have some results.

    Since this is a weekly thing, Christina will most probably need some help (someone does one week and another one some other week). You should feel free to get in touch with her.

    Thanks you Christina:)

    Since this will need some promotion, we can talk about that (sending our invitatation - from time to time etc.) on Wed.

    @ALL, please join the meeting:

    That was about it...

    see you when I see you :)

    Only this week the meeting is going to be on a Wednesday because the owner of the "Lebemann und Hirn" has an event on this Thursday. But if it works out and the most of the people are happy with the new place we are going to have our next meetings every Thursday at "Lebemann und Hirn". So Thursday stays the same except this week and yes we are moving into another place because a lot of people complained about the "flying pig". I hope that you will give it a try and I will see you tomorrow.

    unfortunatley I couldn't be there yesterday,but does anyone have Feedback on the new location?

    I heard that 2,70 € was for a small beer and people have to enter the pub via the smokers area?

    Yes Thursday @ Lebemann und Hirn

    Hopefully see you there...
    @Christina: You should probably create an activity and make posts for this weeks meeting.

    Our next couch surfing meeting is on Thursday November 1st, at our new Location "Lebemann und Hirn" (Gumpendorferstraße 34 @ 8pm).

    Hope to see you there!!

    Hey I figured out that you can´t see the activity I created yesterday in the main Vienna group and I don´t know why. Can somebody help me please!?

    We are again trying out a new location: http://www.couchsurfing.org/activity/view/H66C9K/15th-of-november-weekly-meeting-wombats-lounge

    I hope that esp. the people who complained about the smoking situation in Flying Pig and/or Lebemann & Hirn will attend this Meeting (Wombats Bar is completly non-smoking).


    please post your feedback on the specific locations we tried out until now (Wombats & Lebemann und Hirn) in this thread: http://www.couchsurfing.org/group_read.html?gid=1059&post=13808558


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