• For those who do not have family in this windy lovely city, here we are family to each other.

    The house is big enough for quite a few people to stay over night. (My flat mates will be all gone for their families, except for the other girl who's from oversea like me)
    We then can all go for the Orphans Christmas lunch next day all together.

    What kind of Christmas Eve you want? I ask myself.

    - I wanna some warmth by having some laughs around.

    - Listen to some music or play some music(If I can get my piano move in before this day).

    - Drink some wine or beer or tea(real tea).
    Wine keeps you warm, beer wash away whatever has to be gone, and tea keeps your awake and aware the painful part deep inside. It's all your choice.

    - Play some fun games through the night, laugh it out loud the loneliness.

    If you wanna the same, come to my house. Email me ahead to get a confirmation from me /or with any questions: antingforever@hotmail.com

    There will be a decorated Christmas Tree in the house as well.

    I have thought about going out that night, but there won't be many places open, and yet staying at home would be more suitable I think.

    Having a quiet night is nice, but warmer with people around, and more fun playing some games to laugh out the loneliness
    How about some stand up ? ;-)
    John, stand up sounds like fun, can you have subtitle for me please since my english is really poor. :)
    Are you suggesting my Indian accent is that horrible ? You racist !!! ;-)
    was good to meet you on Friday :) I'll come bye too
    Hi guys... I'll be in Wellington for two weeks visiting family, unfortunately wont be able to make it on the 24th eve but would hoping to catch up with a few CSers for a drink or coffee if you guys are free between the 27-31 Dec.... Please do let me know, Happy Holidays,


    Really interested, still places for 2 guys?
    Pretty sure anyone can turn up, if you check the address.
    Hi all,
    All are welcome!!!
    Sorry I have been so crazy busy, so might not be able to respond quickly, either here or emails, but I'll update more details hopeful in a few days regarding some questions such as location or how many people will be here -- to be honest I don't know myself how many people will be here, some people email me without leaving a message here.
    Oh, and the christmas tree is looking better and better!!

    I just notived I have this on the other link but not here so in case someone didn't check the activities link, there you go:

    And it's a BYOF and BYOD gathering.
    BYOF: Bring your own food.
    BYOD: Bring your own drink. Other than I'll have the best tea for everyone to share.
    Hey, I would be interested in coming out and having some drinks playing games, if there is a possibility of a jam that would be super cool! Can you PM me your address? I'm in Lower Hutt, so I would have to see if the busses or trains run out on the 25th..
    drinks playing games! yeah!!
    I might like to join, got 2 guests at the moment from sardinia and america who might like to join as well, but the event says full =O well if your keen, we can bring some food. is the actul address posted? Cheers! gregor!
    Let me know if you have not received my message or email regarding the address.

    Sara, I like your lovely email, you and your friend are more than welcome to join!
    Message sent! yeah bring your own food and drinks and anything else you'd like to share.
    This is not a getting-drunk-purpose party!! Bring the games!
    Hope you can find the bus or train if not stay one more night! Nice talking to you in the phone!
    I can't really tell anything from your profile neither this short respond here. you are not invited for this time.
    Glad you came for the music at Meow was lovely seeing you there! See you again soon!

    All, rather than just food and drinks, also bring any instrument or entertainment, it's going to be fun!!!

    Oh, and I have made the attendance to be 16, so those who wanted to join can join now, I might refuse though.
    It looks like would be more people than it shows here, cause there are people bring their friends along as well.


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  • It looks like you're posting an email address or phone number. To protect your privacy, don't post any personal contact information here.