• Hi I just realized the the Wellington airport closes through the night. I arrive at 11:45pm on Sunday and am leaving for wellington the next day. I don't really want to stay at a backpackers and its too big of an ask to rock up and CS at that time. Anyone want to go out, anything happening that night? I feel the need to party or hang, whatever it may be.
    Sorry, the post is confusing;
    You arrive (in Wellington?) 11.45 on Sunday evening?
    Then leave (FROM Wellington?)...from the airport?....some time on Monday?

    And basically want to spend the night out in a bar somewhere, etc?
    Hmm..the airport re-opens at 4am, I think, so what time is your Monday flight?
    There may, possibly, be one or two bars open till 4am on a Sunday-Monday night...but I'm not sure...
    confused as well .. what time is your flight out on Monday? Maybe able to find you somewhere to crash fro the night depending on your times.
    Aahhh Sorry guys. I arrive at 11:45 PM sunday. Leave 11 AM Monday. and i don't want to hang around a closed airport when there is an exciting city nearby.
    Ok, that makes sense.
    Besides, there's nothing to do near the airport except sleep on a beach (which you might like).
    There are some motels nearby, of you want to catch some sleep, though it will involve taxis to and from the city on a Sunday night.

    Ok, everyone, any ideas whats open after midnight on a Sunday?
    (I expect there's something...but not too much...)
    Beach sounds nice if nothing else, Might head there hopefully see someone else. Thanks
    Wellington is pretty dead after midnight on a Sunday, but since you have a few hours on Monday morning, maybe wander to a beach in the night, or taxi to Scorching Bay or Mt Victoria lookout, snooze near there (even in a public toilet if you have to), wake up with the sun, take a bus (or wander down the hillside from Mt Vic) to the city, look around, and take the bus out to the airport.

    #91 is the airport bus, though it is a little expensive and #11 goes near there for cheaper.

    The airport does actually have a left-luggage room, and if you are lucky enough to catch them before they close on Sunday night, then leaving things there will make your wanders easier.
    It is next to the baggage carousels, the lost luggage people should know about it.
    sorry Tyran - was trying to find somewhere for you but my daughters is not available tomorrow night :-( We would love to help you, we live about 40 mins from the airport, but unfortunately both of us are sick with food poisoning or a bug. Stay safe.
    Thanks everyone for the advice and Shirley, sending you and your daughter my best wishes to get better, food poisoning sucks.!

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