• Hello Csers

    My Friend and I are going to white and balck desert this week with a good offer so if you would like to join us get in touch with me
    My Number is 0111 45 40039 or text me

    enjoy your moment :)


    would you tell me more deets?
    we did not decied on which day yet but i am gonna let you know ASAP
    But it`s gonna be one night 2 days
    costs 250EGP included
    transportation inside Bahryia
    permission Fees for desert
    White desert
    Black Desert
    Crystal desert
    Sand Boarding
    and more much
    Where did you find this offer? Could you please give me an E-Mail or website?
    I´m planing to go between 14 an 18.12 with one ore two nights in the dessert.

    Would be great if you could give me the contact.

    or, if you have no date for going an you can wait till 14.12 i could join you.

    I work including 13.12 so i can´t go earlier.

    Thank you :-)
    okay Oana just let me know when you need to go
    unfortunately there is no E mail Or website
    but thus jut for one night 2 nights its gonna be different price

    @ sohil when will u decide the exact day
    @Helal we did not decided yet
    @Janette sorry we have another event Friday Morning Yacht Red sea so we will not be able do this at this time if you able to go another time except Next Thursday and Friday maybe you could join us
    @Ahmed okay i will post it ASAP

    You all are more than welcome
    do you have a phone number for this offer? I think i´d like to go from 14-16.12 --> with 2 nights in the desert, but it depends from the price if one or two nights. Is there the meal includet? And the tent,...stuff for sleeping?
    I´d like to take my mum (she is comimg on 12.12 for visiting me) and maybe a friend of mine.Is the price for each person? or per day?

    Sorry for so many questions. If u give me the number i can ask by myself.

    Thanks for your help.

    P.S. If somebody whants to join us --> your welcome :-)
    @Oana Included meals and drinks as water soda and Camping and sandboarding equipment
    You Just need to bring heavy closthes as well
    For 2 nights will be 500 per person if you are 4 just tell me what time and how many people maybe you could join us
    I want let you know something one night is enough for white and black desert but if you need 2 nights no problem and maybe we go at this time cos 14/12 matching with weekend
    However your questions i will answer with my pleasure

    Your Mom And your Friend more than welcome :)
    @ Darwiesh good you are interested and for sure not include transportation from/to Cairo how could be like that :D and i am not going to make an event who would like to join more than welcome

    @Mohamed if it`s first time for you you gonna be impressed so much

    who`s will bring fireworks :D

    Here we goooooooo
    Hey Christine
    Thanks For you offering This :)

    but You missed some of activites as well
    anyway no problem if you get price as i mentioned i would go with too and my friends also will join you but i will go with only 300 EGP inculde transport from/to Cairo

    Thanks Again For your description :)

    Enjoy your moment
    @ sohil when will you know to the date to know it it's comfortable with me or not
    @ Christine I might come with you if the date of sohil trip isn't comforable with me
    Sohil, i´d like to join you with my mom if you go in the Week End 14-15. So tell me when will you go to know if i have to find something different.

    If we go together i´ll stay also just one night with my mom.

    Please tell me if should do something for planing so that you don´t have all the work alone.

    Thank you and maybe till soon
    14th of this month Friday Morning all details will post it soon
    @Oana You are more than welcome and your mom too :)
    Thanks so much for offering cooperation if i need anything i will let you know
    hey guys!

    i'm interested in joining too. will wait for you to post more details but my girlfriend and i are flying out of Cairo on 16th Dec so we'll see if we can make this :) cheers
    @Darwish Thank you i let you dont worry about that
    @Rolly You more than welcome we are going on 14th of Dec and come back 15th at night if this comfortable for you just let me know
    Both of you are welcome :)
    Hello Guys
    We will meet Sunday Night At 8:00 PM in front Main gate of opera house to talk about our trip and you give a deposit for the trip we will take the bus from torgamn Friday morning from 7:00 Till 8:00 AM but i will book your seats 1 day Before
    Bus Ticket 1 Way 25 EGP for Egyptian 35 For foreigners
    see you Sunday Night
    Don`t Forget tonight :)
    see you there
    Awesome pics! I want to visit these desserts too when Im in Egypt (23rd Dec - Jan 2nd) Any advice how to get there?
    Thanks Guys for who all joined us and some people called ,me to make another one again so who could not join maybe can join this time show your hands if you would like to go :D
    Hey there! Definitely interested! What day are you going?
    I will post it soon we just checking rightnow and need to know how many gonna join
    i would want to join too...just let me know when is that

    Hi Sohil, i really wanna join but please try to make it in a weekend to be able to attend

    Okay Mahmoud you more than welcome :)
    Haitham for sure i will let you know ASAP
    here we go guys whos up for desert trip between 1ST Jan till 6th Of Jan hit me a link ASAP

    Best regards
    Whats up guys anybody want to join ? count down for the trip
    I really would like to do it but i wont be able to join you guys during such duration cause of my final exams.

    Keep in touch with me Sohil with your up coming events as it's gonna be my pleasure to meet you all after my exams.

    Best wishes and Regards to all of you,
    you more than welcome guys but we just came from black and white desert and thinking to go to Siwa planing and will let you know as soon as we put it up

    when u will go? if it is on the weekend i will join u for sure
    i mean 10/1/2013

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  • It looks like you're posting an email address or phone number. To protect your privacy, don't post any personal contact information here.