• Hi people in wuhan,<br>
    It's me again.

    I have booked my tickets to wuhan, and I will stay for 14 days here. 6th July- 21st August, and then I am heading to Lijiang.

    So, here are what I can teach:
    Qigong, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wisdom_Healing_Qigong)
    People who has physical pain are very welcomed to try.

    If you have Guqin, I can teach for free, if not, I need to charge for teaching fee.

    Here is what I can share my experience with and maybe practice together:

    And, here is what I would really like to learn:
    Guzheng, Spanish, Russian, or how to enjoy the HOOOOOT summer in wuhan.

    Here is my schedule:
    7-13: day-time in Central China normal university, night-time in Hankou area near Jie Fang Park

    14-21: Free to go anywhere.

    Hope to meet some interesting people soon.
    @welcome to Wuhan.it will be nice to be a part of acivity.
    i am studying in CCNU but soon graduate at June=)
    i am a student in CCNU too
    woow, nice~~!

    r u guys going to be in CCNU in July?
    Yunfei, I am studying Russian, could you leave me some books after u graduate:)?
    Can you teach me some Russia Thanks in advance
    Welcome to WuHan.It's a beautiful city,You will like it.I'm a junior student of WuHan University of Science and Technology("WUST").I will be going home during summer holidays.It's a remote village far away from WuHan located in the middle of Shanxi Province.If you want to visit my hometown,i will be happy to offer you accommodation and other things.
    which campus are you in I am also from wust junior huangjiahu campus
    nice buddy can i have your QQ number
    Hi guys, thanks for the comments, I have been to shanxi province in Xian and hua mountain, I may go again.

    But I think the majority of time I would spend in Wuhan.

    Xueyang, I can share with some text books and mp3 courses for Russian and other language if you are in Wuhan during the summer
    cool can i have your QQ number
    Hope you have enjoyed the tour of china.
    I would like to be a part be this activity.
    I will be in Wuhan in July and i live in Wuhan University in wu chang area. I can be your guide to have a tour in Wuhan. If you'd like to talk with me, send me a massage.
    hey,i'm live in Wuhan.i'm Locals.I'm love yoga so much,because I always learn dancing.I hope you can teach me yoga.
    Hi guys,

    Thank you for all your interests, I will let you know an exact location for Yoga & Qigong course as soon as possible, and please let me know if u can suggest any location with shadow or indoor rooms.

    my qq is 150651635
    I'm a undergraduate now!
    I just participated in this project and am a new user,though.
    I'd like to offer some help if you want :)
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