Welcome to Couchsurfing! Here's the place to learn all about our community and how you can make the most of it.

Read These First

These how-to guides will take you step-by-step through your first Couchsurfing experiences.


  • How to Make a Profile.
    First thing's first. Your profile is the face you present to other members, so read up on how to use it well.

  • How to Read a Profile.
    A Couchsurfing profile has lots of information to help you decide who you'd like to meet.

CS at Home

CS on the Road

  • Finding and Requesting a Couch.
    Choosing a potential host is a big decision! Learn how to make it well, and how to increase your chances of a positive response.

  • Tips for Surfing.
    From the moment your Couch Request is accepted to the time you say good-bye, here are some pointers for being a good guest.

More Tips

  • Solo Couchsurfers.
    Going it alone? Not to worry! Here's some advice for feeling comfortable as a solo host or surfer.

  • Family Couchsurfing.
    Whether you're bringing the kids or your guest is, here's some advice for enjoying CS together.

  • Taking it to the Next Level.
    In honor of International Couchsurfing Day, June 12, 2009, we released some ideas for trying something new and different.

  • Rural Couchsurfing
    These simple tips go a long way in improving your experience of hosting and surfing in rural areas. Check them out.